The PC-30 Label Counting System

The PC-30 Label Counting System is ideal for detecting and counting pressure-sensitive, die-cut labels on a moving web. It is a portable label counting system that can be used alongside almost any type of equipment, such as label rewinding systems or inspecting machines. The system can count paper labels and can count clear labels, as well.

The PC-30 comes with a photoelectric thru-beam scanner for paper on paper counting; however, additional scanners are available for your convenience. The capacitive scanner is best for use with clear or low contrast labels, while the reflective scanner add-on is ideal for use with high-contrast and dark mark labels.

The system is easy to use and includes a large human-machine interface (HMI) touch screen control. This digital control system functions as an efficient interface between the user and the machine processes, making it simple to understand and operate.

The PC-30 can easily convert length counting rewind machines, in which no photoelectrics were provided, into an individual label counting unit. Additionally, the label counting system can be used to trigger other related equipment via the output connection associated with the dual preset counter.

The label counting system is designed and built by Web Techniques, the leading manufacturer of tabletop roll rewinding machines. Web Techniques makes a variety of high-quality rewind systems, and the PC-30 contains many of the components and technology that make these systems popular.

At a Glance

Summary of the PC-30 Label Counting System’s features:

  • Easy-to-operate counter
  • Large touch screen control (HMI)
  • Bi-directional counting
  • Manual increment counting
  • Scanner mounting hardware
  • Photoelectric thru-beam scanner (included)
  • Capacitive scanner (optional)
  • Reflective scanner (optional)


Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes