How To Convert To Black And White With Lightroom

Have you been trapped in the world of black and white and you no longer know how to get out? Or have you just landed and would like to know how to edit your image with beyond putting the default filter that your Smartphone offers you? Do you have Lightroom? Well, you have come to the right place, because today’s article will describe in a simple way, how to convert colour images to black and white.

Choice Of Image

The first step is to choose the conversion candidate image. For this, remember the importance of looking for images that are not sustained by colour, and with an adequate composition and exposure.

Basic Development Settings

Before I start detailing each of the settings, I’d like to advise or comment on a couple of things. The first is that there is no right or wrong way to develop the images. The development is always to the consumer’s liking, that is to say, of you and that own and personal style that, over time, you will acquire. The second is that once you are familiar with each of the settings, you establish a workflow for developing the images. In other words, you work in an orderly and logical way when editing your photos. This way, you take advantage of time and minimize errors.

The Histogram

The basic development settings are those that mainly control the lights and shadows of the image and, consequently, other aspects such as contrast, be it mid-tones or extremes. That is why knowing how to read the histogram of the image will be of great help to us as a starting point when developing our photography.


When we work in colour, this is where we correct the colour temperature. That is when you have been taking lights indoors with the bulbs of a lifetime. You have realized that all your photos are orange, this is where you can come to correct it. By moving the cursor to the right, you will go towards more shades warm (orange), and moving the cursor to the left, towards the cold tones (bluish). In black and white, the movement of the cursors also affects the image.

Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer