The Best 5 Corporate Credit Cards That Will Boost Your Business Sky High

Hear that? That’s the sound of extra change rattling in your pocket that you earned from your smart financial decision to apply for a corporate credit card. As a business owner, you know how important it is to use your money wisely. Why not spend and gain rewards while you do it?

Whether you have just started your first company or you have hundreds under your belt, finding the best corporate credit card is essential to keep your business financially healthy. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best corporate credit cards you can apply for today! 

Top 5 Best Corporate Credit Cards

With so many credit card options on the market, it can be confusing to know which ones are right for your business. Listed below are the best corporate credit cards that are sure to boost your business’s purchasing power to heights you never dreamed of! 

Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

Offered by Chase bank, this company credit card has one of the best sign-on bonuses offered. If you spend 15,000 within the first three months of owning the card, you automatically get 100,000 points that can be turned into $1,000 worth of cash or can be redeemed at Chase’s reward portal. Another benefit is the reasonable $95 annual fee.

Capital One Spark Cash for Business

The best perk with this credit card is the unlimited 2% cashback for any business expense, anywhere, anytime. This is a great option for those planning to use their business credit card for just business purchases. Another cool perk is that the first year has an annual fee of $0; perfect for first-time business owners.

Blue Business Cash Card from American Express

If you’re looking for a card with a great APR, look no further than this business credit card. The Blue Business Cash Card offers 0.0% APR the first year of owning it. After that, the APR rests somewhere between 13.24% – 19.24% (depending on credit score) which is about 5% lower than other leading business cards. 

Mariott Bonvoy Business Card

Does your business require a lot of traveling? The Mariott Bonvoy Business Card offers superior rates for points earned – up to 6x points per dollar when spent at participating Mariott Bonvoy hotels. Go even further with 4x points per dollar spent on gas and restaurants, and 2x points per dollar when spent on any other qualifying purchases.

Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card

Are you managing multiple employees? The Wells Fargo Secured business card allows you to receive up to 10 employee credit cards. Another great perk that every purchase on the cards nets a 1.5x cashback bonus, and if the transaction is out of the states, you won’t be paying any foreign transaction fees.

Options Beyond Credit Cards

What if you’re not looking for a corporate credit card but a corporate debit card? Bento for Business has you covered with their easy-to-use mobile app that uses virtual payment cards to protect your identity and to simplify your business expenses.

Interested in learning more about virtual payment cards? If so, visit for more information.

Apply Today

Now that you’ve been informed of the top 5 best corporate credit cards, and even the top corporate debit card, go ahead and apply to maximize your business earning power! Achieve your dreams with the right card for your business.  Did you enjoy this article? Check out more like it in our Business section! 

David Griffin

David Griffin