All you need to know about online speed dating

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Speed dating is a way to engage with different people. You meet at an organized event and take turns talking to different potential partners. With the current COVID-19 restrictions this has become very difficult. Dating companies have countered this by having online speed dating events. These events are very affordable and they try to mirror real-life speed dating.

How does online speed dating operate?

The concept is the same as in-person speed dating. The only major difference is that it is online via video. Such online events are not limited by space. This means events can be larger hence a higher probability of meeting someone. When you register to a website you are given a link that will help you access the event. A guide then takes you through the basic steps of what is required.

Dates online are shorter, about 3-6 minutes. This will expand your reach to more people. When the event is over the organizers will publish the list of the matched people. They are allowed to exchange contacts and can arrange for a second virtual date or a real date.

Why online speed dating over traditional dating apps?

Tinder, Match and Bumble may have had a fair run. But people are getting tired of swiping and messaging. Most of these do not even lead to anything. This can be a very strenuous process that nobody wants. Chatting is never the best way to establish a connection. It mostly just fizzles out in a short time.

Online speed dating gives you an insight into another person’s life. You get to see their reactions and base a focal point of interaction. It is the best way to building chemistry. Research has also shown a higher success rate for such kinds of dates.

How to dress on an online speed date

Speed dating offers very little time. This means that the first impression is very important. The fact that you are at the comfort of your home is no excuse to dress lazy. Dress in something that gives you confidence in your own body. This will reflect in your personality.

Here are some tips to guide you through online speed dating.

  • Create a good first impression. it takes only a few seconds to make a judgement of someone. Sit upright, smile, eye contact and maintaining a good posture will cut it.
  • Keep things positive.There is no need to feel sad when the first few dates do not go well. there is plenty of alternatives.
  • Be attentive on each date.You do not want to miss on a potential partner because of a lack of concentration. If you are doing something in the house finish it first before getting into such an event.
  • Test audio and video quality. Test your system first for any glitches in the video or audio quality. You do not want technology bailing out on you when you are in the middle of an interesting conversation.

Online speed dating around the worldis catching up fast. If you are looking for a fun way to engage and find love this might just be the way for you.

Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes