The Art Of Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is attracting new customers by converting prospective buyers to become the consumer of your product or business. There can be two types of customer acquisitions. First, are the ones who do not know about the product or the service and the second are those that know you but buy from your competitors. Nowadays, companies set a high budget for customer acquisition. If you are going for an MBA by taking Manav Rachna international institute of research and studies course admissions, becoming a customer acquisition expert can come in handy. Retention of customers is also considered to be a part of customer acquisition.

Customer acquisition is a dynamic process that changes according to the trends and customers. In spite of this, planning a road ahead is useful. Implementation can be done later on, with or without modifications to the original plan. The following steps go into the customer acquisition process:

  • Defining the prospective targets: Finding the right customers for the service or products will help in identifying who all are interested in buying your products or similar products from your competition.
  • Reaching the Targets: After finding the target customers, the next step is defining ways to reach them.
  • Determining the Cost of Acquisition: This step involves defining of the money you will need to spend on the acquisition process. Just like students look for ROI at the time of taking admission in colleges by comparing the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies fee structure to the average placements offered, companies want a return on the money they spend on customer acquisition.
  • Hiring Right Staff: Hiring the right people, who understand the job demand correctly and are willing to implement it and work accordingly is an important step.
  • Creating the demand: Start-ups and small organizations have a big challenge of informing the customers of their existence, and their products’ strengths over the competition.

Learning Customer Acquisition

One needs to know the methods that are ineffective in learning customer acquisition:

  • Taking admission in colleges like Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies course admissions can teach you a lot of things but digital marketing and effective customer acquisition. This is because it is a highly volatile field with curriculums failing to catch up to the developments happening in the field.
  • Another mistake that you shouldn’t make is searching for an exhaustive source that teaches you everything because there isn’t one since the field is very wide.
  • Courses from online sources, though up to the mark, can’t teach you this process since it requires real-world practice and theoretical knowledge simply doesn’t work.
  • Certifications are of little significance in this field.

So, now that we know the ways that won’t teach you Customer acquisition, let’s take a look at how you can learn the process. The first step is building your basics in marketing and non-marketing subjects. This can be done by taking admission in MBA courses with appropriate fee structure like Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies fee structure. The second step is to reinforce your knowledge of marketing by using the subject matter taught in your college. The third and final step is analyzing the different channels of customer acquisition like SEO, e-mail marketing, content marketing, etc., and choosing your niche. Choosing your expertise and working on it to become an expert is the most important step. This is because it is almost impossible to learn all the channels since a lot of channels exist.


Now that you know the customer acquisition process and the dos and don’ts of becoming a professional in the field, its time you start working on it. If Customer acquisition is done in the right way, gaining customers for your company can be a cakewalk. This is especially relevant for small firms or start-ups that don’t have an existing customer base. The customers should be acquired such that the amount spent on the acquisition of customers is less than what fruit the process bears for the company. So, getting in an MBA college like Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies course admissions to build a marketing base and then learning on a job is the best way to learn the customer acquisition process.

Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews