Texting Etiquette 2022

The widespread technological innovations over the past decades have significantly affected how many things work nowadays. Modern tools have helped countless companies automate various tasks and streamline many business-critical processes. This enabled them to improve the productivity of their workforce and efficiently offer their services to their target consumers.

Apart from this, the rise of sophisticated devices, such as smartphones, made communication much easier for numerous individuals. This allowed humanity to connect with their family, friends, or peers with just a few clicks on their devices. In addition, the improved modes of communication make employees effectively collaborate to resolve work-related issues.

And although there are already tons of online platforms that people can use for communication, texting has always been one of the most-used channels for messaging and marketing. Billions of text messages are sent monthly as most people find it faster than making calls and have a better open rate than email messages.

The continual development of modern technology and the digital world has also brought many changes in texting. From legacy practices, individuals can now use various online messaging platforms to talk with others. These significantly impacted traditional texting etiquettes, which became outdated as texting became more prevalent around the globe.

For example, one of the ideal things to do when receiving a text is to provide an acknowledgment at least that the message has been received. Most messages are sent with a purpose, and delayed replies can lead to miscommunication or conflict. A short note telling the sender that you will respond when you have the time can avoid this, especially in a world where the expectations for a fast response increase significantly.

Having the proper etiquette in texting can go a long way, especially in the business landscape. Countless organizations use SFC archiving to abide by the regulations set by various authorities. Enterprises that allow their personnel to use personal devices at work usually need to have an SFC recording of the text messages or calls to comply with the guidelines.

To learn more about texting etiquette for 2022, check this infographic provided by Telemessage.



Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews