Social Media Trends for Successful Tradeshow Events

Social media has become such a massive resource and it can no longer be ignored when it comes to marketing and event planning. It is where your potential clients spend a good chunk of their time, and so it makes perfect sense to engage them on platforms that they are already using.

But for you to do this effectively, and for successful tradeshow events, you have to know what is currently working and being used by your top competitors and industry experts, regarding exposure and brand visibility.

Below is a brief of some of the trends worth considering for effective use of social media:

Video content

If you are not using video content in your campaigns and social shares, then you should start using it immediately. Video has proven to be more effective in getting attention in social media, and this is why top companies have invested heavily in producing professional videos and maximizing tools such as Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live videos. You can also use them to capture events happening at your tradeshow booth during a tradeshow event, and you can share it via social media to increase your organic growth.

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User-generated content to appreciate your followers

After the event is over, there is a chance that your followers or those who participated in the event will post images, videos and make comments about the experience they had at your event. Mine through that content and find a few which you think are worth sharing, then contact the owners and ask for permission to share their content on your official pages. The fans whose content you share will not just feel appreciated, but also will be happy to be associated to your brand, and will look forward to attending all of your events.

Be present in multiple channels

Most users of the Internet have more than one social media account, and as a business keen on getting more people to their tradeshow events, this is a trend you must also adopt. Create accounts throughout the various platforms, and link them together so that they match and are consistent, and also publish and share content using all of them.

Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews