When it comes to choosing the right heat exchanger, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, before you make your decision.

So, first things first, what is a heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a device that’s used for transferring heat from one area to another. The heat exchanger tubes are designed to transfer heat by allowing fluids to run through the tubes, easily and efficiently.

The process of heat transfer in a heat exchanger tube is simple; when a fluid is pumped through the tube, it’ll absorb heat energy. Heat exchanger tubes are ideal for heating and cooling; the size of heat exchanger will be dependent on what you need it for.

What are the consequences of choosing the incorrect size?

Choosing the wrong size heat exchanger will only make things more complicated for yourself; you’ll end up spending more money replacing the wrong one and you’ll have to put your project on hold until you acquire the right equipment from the tube suppliers.

The team at USEL Tubular Division have a wealth of knowledge and understanding meaning that they will be more than happy to solve any of your problems and provide you with any advice and guidance, that you may require.

Make sure you carefully assess your options before you jump in, two feet first, and buy the first heat exchanger that you see. You want to make sure that it fits securely and performs efficiently.

Performance and efficiency.

Heat exchanger tube suppliers, USEL Tubular Division, provide an extensive selection of heat exchanger tubes, all of which are priced individually. The heat exchanger tubes are also priced competitively, offering a fair value for money.

To perform exceptionally, the heat exchanger tube needs to be the right size, so whether it’s required for marine applications or industrial applications, it needs to be suited to the environment that it’ll be working in. A heat exchanger will maximise the transfer of heat energy, ensuring that it’s quick and reliable.

Diameter of shell.

If you’re unsure which heat exchanger size you need, speak to the team at USEL Tubular Division!

The size of the heat exchanger tube will depend on the diameter of the shell or wall and how much room there is for a heat exchanger tube.

To accommodate specifically for your requirements, USEL Tubular Division provides a wide range of heat exchanger tubes, consider them to be your ultimate heat exchanger tube suppliers!

You have a wide range of tubes to choose from at USEL Tubular Division, starting from as small as 12.7mm and increasing up to 38.1mm. Even the smallest heat exchanger tubes are used to maintain excellent levels of heat transfer, despite the stream being significantly smaller!

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