Is your company featured in the phone book? I’m referring to the internet Yellow Pages! There are numerous fantastic, high-quality web directories like this available for free or at a minimal fee, and if your firm isn’t listed, you might be missing out on big revenue. Here are five reasons why your business should be featured in major (and some smaller) web directories:

  1. Customers are Already Looking for You Online – According to a recent Kelsey Group study, 70% of households already utilise the Internet as a source of information while shopping locally for products and services. Customers (and potential customers) are using internet directories to discover information that they used to seek for in the phone book since this trend is spreading across all demographics. How will clients find you if you aren’t included in web directories?
  2. Customers are Mobile – According to recent surveys, individuals are going to the Internet first when seeking for information about businesses, rather than printed phone directories. The ease of accessing directory information on computers, mobile phones, PDA devices, and other devices is a developing trend that your company cannot afford to ignore.
  3. Time-Constrained Users Want Instant Information – People don’t want to wait until they get back to the office to look something up, they don’t want to call a coworker to look something up for them, and they don’t always want to walk into another part of the building (or another room at home) to look up information in the phone book. Users rely on faster, more convenient means to find information, such as online directories and search engines.
  4. Local Directories – With the emergence of local directories such as Google Local (and several other state or industry-specific directories), individuals may now utilise the internet to obtain company information. Prior to the existence of these local directories, company listings were sometimes too “global.” Looking for a certain product may result in listings in different states or countries, which is obviously inconvenient for most individuals.
  5. Broad Exposure for Your Company -Your company’s information is likely already available through a variety of media venues, including your website, search engines, marketing and advertising activities, trade associations, and so on. By placing your firm in web directories, you may get your company name, address phone and even your business online blog out there to many more venues that individuals who would not have found your business otherwise would notice.  Larger directories frequently “feed” smaller directories, so your information is automatically distributed over the internet without your intervention.

There are additional advantages to putting your company in internet directories, so take advantage of this increasing trend. However, don’t limit your submissions to a single sort of directory. The greatest results are often obtained when you are listed in a variety of directories, including those that are locally focused, geographically targeted, industry focused, and those that give general information. Your clients and future customers are already using these directories on a daily basis, so make sure they can find you!