Why is the quality of heat exchanger pipes important?

What is a heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger is used for the transfer of heat between fluids and solids. A heat exchanger pipe improves the performance of the transfer of heat and offers high levels of quality control.

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Heat exchanger tubes are ideal for their flexibility, with the ability to suit diverse range of applications. Although all heat exchanger pipes are designed to offer high quality, it’s important that they maintain sucheminence, in order to heat and cool buildings efficiently. If heat exchange is poor, there will be an insufficient transfer of heat.

Typical uses.

The efficiency of heat exchanger tubes is important for the purpose of helping engines and machines to work to their optimum levels. USEL Tubular Division has a wide range of heat exchanger tubes available, these are desirable for their trusted reliability. Universal Supply Limited can also deliver your heat exchanger pipe rapidly to accommodate for any emergencies. All of the heat exchanger tubes supplied by this tube supplier can be cut to length, deburred and U-bent.

But why are heat exchanger pipes needed?

Heat exchanger tubes are used for a broad range of industrial applications. Without a heat exchanger pipe, you wouldn’t have access to a reliable central heating system, to keep your home warm throughout the winter. A heat exchanger pipe is used for air conditioning components, not just heating systems, without one your air conditioning system won’t function effectively.

A quality heat exchanger is needed to keep machines, chemicals, water and gas safe, a poor-quality heat exchanger could lead to leakages and potential hazards. A heat exchanger that’s poorly manufactured and unreliable can compromise safety, therefore, it’s essential you make sure that you replace your existing heat exchanger pipe when it starts to operate less sufficiently.

Universal Supply Limited provide a complete range of stock heat exchanger tubes and boiler tubes, they have 1400 tonnes of tubes available. These are supplied in lengths of up to 19.6m.

Classifying heat exchangers.

There are a number of metrics that categorise heat exchangers. These include the nature of the heat exchange process, the physical state of the fluids, the design of the heat exchanger pipe and the flow arrangement.


A heat exchanger combines hot and cold fluids directly, it’s an effective way and means of transferring heat. This is another reason why the quality of heat exchanger tubes is so imperative. You need to make sure that you have the right heat exchanger pipe for the right job, after all, some tubes are designed to keep hot and cold fluids separated, guaranteeing indirect heat exchange.

Why USEL Tubular Division?

USEL Tubular Division are reputable heat exchanger tube suppliers, supplying high-quality products to processing industries. USEL Tubular Division provides you with the most suitable solution for your application, ensuring that your emergency and planned maintenance requirements are met.

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Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke