What is a Flash Tester Used For?

Nowadays, numerous websites use Flash player. Gifs, video content and online games all use Flash. According to the internet statistics website Net Track, on some domains (notably .blog) more than a third of sites use Flash. This can make it very frustrating if your browser does not support Flash. In order to make sure that your browser is working as well as possible, it is a very good idea to use a flash tester. This article explains what a flash tester is and how it can be used.

A brief overview of what a flash tester is

A flash tester, as the name suggests, is an online tool that you can use to test the quality of Flash player on your browser. A flash tester usually simply takes the form of a website that you visit, which tests two key things. Firstly, it tests the speed of your internet connection. Secondly, it tests the quality of Flash player on your browser. It does not matter which browser you are using, the flash tester will adapt to it and will let you know how well it is performing. Often you will have several browsers installed on your computer, so why not test them all and see which one performs best so that you can get the best Flash experience.

What can I do if the flash tester suggests my browser is performing poorly?

Often, you will need to download a newer version of Flash Player, or upgrade Flash to get the best performance. Another issue that can lead to poor Flash performance can be a weak internet connection, so make sure that you have a strong signal whenever you wish to use Flash Player. If your computer is running lots of other online applications in the background, this can also diminish the strength of Flash Player. Going in to Task Manager and ending any superfluous programmes that are running will this optimise your Flash Player experience.

When is the best time to use a Flash tester?

A Flash tester is a good tool to use whenever you know that you are going to be relying on Flash player. If you are giving a presentation that uses Flash, or planning on showing video content to colleagues at work, it is a very good idea to run a quick check beforehand with a Flash tester so that you can display that content safe in the knowledge that everything will run smoothly. Another group of web users who can really benefit from Flash testers is gamers. So many online games rely on Flash, and the last thing that you want is for your game to stall right at the most crucial moment. Using a Flash tester will enable you to catch and rectify any issues with Flash on your browser before you start to play that video, load up that game or run that presentation.

Use your Flash testing tool today

Flash testers are totally free to use, and they will usually give you a result almost instantly. There is no reason not to use this tool regularly so that you can keep tabs on how well Flash is performing on your browsers. In addition, these testers are very user friendly, so even if you have never used one before, you will quickly pick up on how they work. Why not do a quick test right now in fact?


Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes