Psychic Reading Says the Human Brain Works At 10% of the Total Capability 

The word “psychic” is derived from the Greek word “psychikos,” meaning the mind. Implying the person has an innate perception of the subtle world beyond normal human sensitivity. Even though people sought advice from these wise people for ages but contemporary society has suspicion towards the art of fortune-telling. If you doubt about psychic abilities of certain persons, take a breath and plunge into the psychic phenomenon and their abilities. The world of psychics is as real as we see and hear. The neuroscientist states human brain functions at 10% of total potentiality, but what happens if it starts performing a niche higher?

A niche higher 

The mystics use their brain and mind powers above the regular level; in other words, every human soul has hidden psychic power oneself. Sometimes there is a hunch before you do something, and the outcome aligns with your prior intuition. These common experiences suggest psychic abilities are more tangible than thought. Every event happening around you is a metaphysical sign, for skeptic everything in the universe is governed by cause and effect. But there is a golden path between the two; every human can have a better understanding of life (subtle and gross) when the person broadens his/her view and gain clarity. 

Making you aware 

You can get the best advice and guidance from the best free psychic readings but views them with a grain of reality. As there is a saying goes, “fortune is unwritten,” there is a wide possibility, at the same time, a clairvoyant person can envision the forthcoming events which can really happen in the near future. The real purpose of psychic reading is not to tell in detail about the future occurrence but make you aware of different parameters that influence the incidents and its result. 

Hot cold reading 

If you are first time in psychic reading, then you may not know there are two types of reading; hot and cold. Fraudulent psychic readers employ hot, cold, or warm reading to perplex a customer. In hot reading, the reader has prior knowledge about the person and uses it in the session. In cold reading, an educated guess is made by the reader observing the body language, sex, attire, and age of the person, and predictions are made accordingly. In a warm one, the person spontaneously tells about him or herself.


But in the best free psychic reading, the reader uses his/her empathy intuition to know about you and your aura. Clairvoyance is another extraordinary ability of these mystics to observe a person or events in distant time and space after the sessions take some time to process the information you assimilated.  

Virginia Canales

Virginia Canales