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Singapore has positioned itself as a country that can compete on equal footing with its larger international rivals by maintaining a constantly increasing economy, a healthcare sector of world-class standard, and a leading education center. A positive PR status check in this little red dot is highly sought after because of the city-continued state’s success at luring top talent from across the world.

If you’re considering a long-term move here, read on to find out more about the various PR programs and the many factors that may influence the outcome of your application for permanent residence. To apply PR for your spouse in Singapore also you need to know the rules.

Is It Possible for You to Apply for Singapore Permanent Residency?

A foreigner who is not a citizen of Singapore must meet a number of criteria before they would be accepted into the country’s permanent resident program. According to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA), you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency in the Republic of Singapore if you meet the following criteria:

Those who are married to citizens or permanent residents of Singapore

A minor who is not yet 21 years old and who was born to or adopted by a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident is considered a “minor.”

  • Grandparents who were born and raised in Singapore
  • Those who have either a S Pass or an Employment Pass
  • In-school Singaporean Learner
  • Foreign investors from outside of Singapore

When applying for permanent residency in Singapore, under which program should you do so?

If you fit into one of the categories mentioned above, you may wish to investigate specific residency programs (PR schemes) before submitting your application for permanent residence. The following are examples of such plans:

  • Program for Qualified Individuals, which Includes Professional and Technical Staff
  • Investors Program Around the World
  • Initiative for the International Promotion of Artists

Additional qualifying conditions for each of these three programs may be found on the ICA’s website and must be met in order to participate.

The acceptance rate of an application may be affected by a number of additional criteria beyond the basic eligibility conditions. However, ICA does not inform candidates about these factors in any great depth. This article will go through a variety of factors that, depending on the school to which you are applying, may raise the success rate of your application and hence your chances of getting admitted. Choosing the best immigration agency in Singapore  can make your processes easier.

Program for Qualified Individuals, which Includes Professional and Technical Staff

The majority of those who are considering applying for permanent residency in Singapore’s Lion City choose this option. This program, also known as the PTS scheme, gives noncitizens who find work in the region a shot at obtaining permanent residence status. If you have a valid Employment Pass, S Pass, Entrepreneur Pass, or Personalized Employment Pass, you may be eligible for this position. The four sorts of time off from work are as follows.

With this program, you may petition for your spouse and unmarried minor children to join you in the United States. However, if your sons are granted PR in Singapore, they will be required to enlist in National Service once they reach the appropriate age.


Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews