Power meter monitoring relates to energy management which transforms into energy saving to businesses and homes. Energy management involves monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in our homes and workplaces. The process typically involves metering your power consumption and collecting relevant data. Control of your power meter helps you to cut on costs and save energy through effective analysis. Here are some of the reasons why you need to start monitoring your power meter today.

Save more energy

Power meter monitoring is key to saving energy in your home or organisation. The importance of saving energy in our homes and workplaces stem from the global need to save energy. The global energy needs determine the energy prices, emissions targets and different legislations. All of these factors lead several convincing reasons as to why you need to take charge of your energy consumption today. Globally, we need to save the amount of energy we use to achieve two key objectives;

  • Minimise our dependence on fossil fuel that is becoming limited in supply
  • Minimise on the amount of damage that we are causing to planet earth.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

If we increase our amount of daily energy consumption, we tend to increase the environmental damage that we cause. The result of this growth is an increase in cost-related implications of carbon taxes. You need to be keen on how much energy you consume so as to promote a greener and sustainable environment. A greener environment is safe to every one of us.

Reduce the Costs of your energy consumption

Monitoring your power meter is increasingly becoming the most efficient strategy of cutting down on your energy costs. As the cost of energy rise, you need to look for ways that will cushion you against digging deeper into your pocket to settle your power bills.

With monitoring your power meter, you get to understand your monthly energy consumption which will help you in your financial planning. This will go a long way to ensure your channel your expenditure to the most important task to avoid spending on unnecessary items.

Take Charge and Reduce the Risk

Energy prices are directly proportional the energy you consume in your home. The more energy you consume, the greater the likelihood of higher energy prices or supply shortages which may impact negatively on businesses. By monitoring your power meter, you reduce this risk through reducing your home demand for energy and controlling the usage to make it more predictable

Achieve your energy consumption reduction targets

Chances are you have secretly set energy-consumption reduction goals that you wish to achieve. To achieve your goals you need to start monitoring the figures on your power meter and making serious comparisons. Once you master effective power meter monitoring tips, you shall meet your set targets.

For a business, active power meter monitoring enhances maximum extraction of financial and competitive advantage from energy

Companies need to go beyond the traditional approach of recruiting and replacing ineffective equipment as a way of achieving competitive advantage over their competitors. A simple act of monitoring the power meter of your business should provide you with means of maximising energy efficiency hence minimising the energy-related costs.

Avoid carrying the burden of over-billing due to incorrect meter reading

Your home or business may be operating on the wrong tariff or on a billing interval that is too long which may end up skewing demand charges.It is therefore your responsibility to audit your utility bill received based on the figures you obtain from your meter and identify any errors in the billing. Power metering provides you with the relevant information that you require to support any cost recovery claims. John writes the blog at Substation Safety and loves understanding how electrical power can help and hinder in our daily life.