The Importance of Hiring for Cultural Fit in the Dental Industry

Ensuring cultural fit is vitally important in the recruitment process. What is cultural fit I hear you ask? How does this apply to the dental industry? How does it work when trying to fill dental jobs? Well, cultural fit basically means employing a candidate that matches the dental office’s values, aims and culture. A recent study suggested that hiring managers hired based on the cultural fit in 80% of cases. As you can see, this means it has a vitally important part to play in the hiring process. Getting it wrong can be costly. The same study identified that relieving an employee from their duties due to poor cultural fit costs 2.5 times the salary of the individual that was employed.

Employing a candidate who is a cultural fit to your dental office has many benefits. Let’s look at these in greater detail.

1. Improved Job Satisfaction

It is true when you hear people say that cultural fit is essentially the glue that holds a dental office together. Prior to commencing the recruitment process, it is recommended that you draw up a list of the characteristics you’d like the ideal employee to have. This will increase the likelihood that you will find an employee who shares the values and beliefs of the dental office. If an employee aligns with the corporate culture, they are more likely to achieve the goals of the dental office, as well as find success with personal goals, which ultimately increases job satisfaction.

2. Better Performance

When there is a committed band of employees who work together, they are more likely to achieve results since they enjoy working together with the goal of getting the job completed to the best of their ability. Therefore, a good cultural fit can lead to better performance and higher productivity as a result.

3. Better Mental and Physical Health

Research has identified that a good cultural fit and a work environment that is positive can lead to improved mental and physical health of the employee. This means there will be less cases of tiredness, depression and worry within the workplace. Employees will come to work happy and ready to work.

4. Improved Employee Retention

If a good cultural fit is achieved, research has shown that employees are happier and more productive, which means they stay with their employer for longer.In the GSS (General Social Survey), it was found that employees who could integrate well with the culture of their workplace were more likely to remain in their jobs.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits for ensuring a good cultural fit. It can be conclusively said that employees are happier, more productive and are more likely to stay in their jobs when they are part of the culture of their workplace. For more information on hiring for the right fit, check out

Bruce Reyes

Bruce Reyes