Patrick Shin, Nan Inc Owner  is probably a Hawaiian citizen you have never heard of. But, if you say you are the owner of Nan Inc, you probably know about that construction company, based in Hawaii. He did all strenuous efforts to achieve everything what he deserved in his life. Here you will find everything you need to know about this Hawaiian businessman with South Korean roots.

Who is Patrick Shin & story of his success?

Patrick Nan Shin is the founder of a major construction company in Hawaii, called Nan Inc. His company is headquartered in Honolulu and was founded in 1990, more than 30 years ago. He dreamed of becoming a businessman at a very young age. What started as a dream soon came true. Now, by 2020, his construction company has hired more than 350 people in Hawaii. It really does contribute to the lives of many people in Hawaii.

As Patrick Shin has his roots in South Korea He wanted to help build the future of Hawaii. What started out as an innocent dream soon came true. Of course, Nan Inc Owner the road ahead was not always easy. Patrick started with small construction projects with great passion and drive. Year after year his company grew bigger. At first, they were not working anymore. It was him and one more employee.

Overview of Nan Inc Owner Company:

Nan Inc is a well-known name in the construction industry. They have won important government contracts millions of dollars. But like most companies, they started out small. It all started with a little success, and after that, Patrick Shin became passionate and passionate about pursuing big projects. As a result of this endurance, his construction company grew significantly.

Today, Nan Inc is the largest owned and operated contractor in the Hawaiian region. We have come a long way and cannot manage and do very complex projects. Patrick Shin and his company focused on pre-construction, standard contracts, and design services.

Patrick Shin is a very passionate person which is why our team at Generations Hawaii decided to write a blog post about him. Very few construction companies in Hawaii have experienced the success of Nan Inc. But what is the reason for the owner’s success early? “It really helps to drive, the inspiration and a little luck”, said Nan Inc Owner Patrick Shin.