Since 1981, the experts at Powder Coat Services (PCS) have provided customers with outstanding finishes and a commitment to client care. As the leading custom powder coating shop in the Western United States, PCS has developed a cutting-edge facility that sets us apart from our competitors. Here is a look at what makes our five-acre Orange County facility the most efficient and the most capable in the custom powder coating industry.

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Multiple Product Lines

To facilitate a wide variety of powder coating applications, PCS has developed several product lines. In fact, there are four separate lines, each with its own dedicated equipment and features to create efficiency.

Our Large Product line was recently remodeled to offer a stand-in configuration, allowing more flexibility in coating large parts for the automotive industry and for products like exercise equipment, industrial machinery, and parts for the building industry. This line includes a multi-stage part washer to prep uncoated parts perfectly for finish application. Parts up to 96” in length can be coated in this booth, and the booth itself was designed for the ultimate in efficiency. Smaller runs of large parts are what this line does best.

Our High Quantity Small Part line was designed to provide incredible efficiency in parts handling and utility. This line gives the coaters at PCS the ability to coat parts at a greater density, including double-racking of smaller parts. The line can accommodate parts up to 18” long, and excels in coating runs consisting of large numbers of parts – exceeding 50,000 to 100,000 pieces. Smaller quantities, such as parts in the 1000-5000 range, can also be efficiently handled by this line. Typical parts coated in our High Quantity line include aftermarket automotive accessories, electronic housings, and industrial springs.

We also operate two specialty lines. Our first is referred to as our Dedicated line, with configurations suited to high-volume customers that may have specific coating requirements. This line gives us the ability to meet customer demands perfectly. Our second is our Specialized line, designed to coat products that do not require pretreatment steps, such as glass and other non-metallic parts to be coated. This line is energy- and materials-efficient, running at the highest speeds of our entire operation. It also incorporates pre-heating equipment to ensure superior coating adhesion.

Our Testing Laboratory

At PCS, our staff is committed to producing perfect finishes every time. We create our own custom powder coat blends, and must ensure these meet our exacting standards before offering them to our many customers in the Western United States. To achieve superior finishes and to advance the art and science of powder coating, we have created our own laboratory testing facility. Our lab contains a small coating booth, curing ovens and testing equipment. We also added a salt spray booth, which has allowed our experienced team to evaluate corrosion resistance and life expectancy of our coating options.

Preparation, Fabrication, and Printing

To exceed customer expectations time and again, our facility also includes a dedicated area for masking and assembly preparation. Spanning nearly 6000 square feet, this area allows our team to do custom or complex masking applications – processes that cannot be completed on the coating lines. We can also do custom fabrication for specific customer needs. Finally, our graphic printing area can handle part identification, specialty part decoration, and branding operations in an efficient, quality-assured manner. Together, the coating lines, testing facility, and specialty preparation areas work to achieve superior finishes for our customers. To learn more, visit our website.