6 Things To Look For in An Industrial Fabrication Company

There are certain things you look for anytime you shop around for a partner or a supplier, and that’s especially true when looking into industrial fabrication companies. Sure, companies may differ, but there are a handful of things all quality industrial fabrication firms should share if they want to succeed like DCM modular fabrication.

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Perhaps the first thing you should look at is what kind of capacity a company has; their fabrication space. All other variables aside—labour, equipment, resources, etc.—firms with the most space will, in general, have higher capacity and that, in theory, leads to higher output. Of course, this is not true all the way around: some companies might not utilize their space efficiently or they might have other reasons why their generous space does not maximize output. And this is why capacity may be one of the most important things, but certainly not the only thing, to consider.


Another perhaps equally-important trait to look for in a quality industrial fabricator is certification from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This organization establishes guidelines for industrial shops and companies to follow, which ensures consistent quality and safety throughout the industry. Thus, if a company has ASME certification, you can be certain that they are aware of and adhere to these policies and best practices.


At the core of all fabrication processes is welding, and so you must also measure a company’s welding capabilities. Without experience and knowledge with the gamut of welding capabilities, any company will lag behind all the others. Again, this has as much to do with quality as it has to do with safety.


In other words, transportation: how quickly and efficiently can an industrial fabrication company receive raw/recycled materials and send out their finished products.


As mentioned above, experience is important. Now, it is not necessarily something that should automatically determine the quality of a company – sometimes a new company has fresh ideas and great energy, is really ambitious, and is developing a powerful reputation. Still, a company with many years of experience that continues to be highly regarded is usually a good sign.


Finally, you want to hire a company that is committed to two things: quality and safety. Yes, it is very important that a company does the job right, but you also need peace of mind that workers are treated well and cared for.


David Griffin

David Griffin