Laundry Tips and Tricks in Prince George

When it comes to laundry, are you an expert or a novice? Laundry isn’t always at the top of the list for most people when it comes to favourite things to do. But whether you’re well-acquainted with the washing and drying machine at your home, business, or local laundromat, or even the number for a favourite local laundry service, one thing is for certain: the laundry has to get done. One way or another, laundry just has to be done because you can’t go out and buy new clothes every day of the week just to avoid it (or can you?).

Today we’re bringing you our very best tips for doing laundry. Whether it’s a trick you never knew or just a gentle reminder that there is probably a service out there that does everything from providing coveralls in Prince George to washing them, read on to find out more and get your laundry game on point at last!

Laundry Tips and Tricks

Use a Laundry Backpack

A specially made backpack or sack is much easier to lug upstairs than a square or round laundry basket. You can throw it over your shoulder and have your hands free instead of nearly risking your life when your cat runs under your feet.

Use a Service

If you don’t have time (or you are pressed for time, to make a laundry joke) to do your laundry at home or do the laundry of your business, you can always use a service. There are laundry services that will wash and then dry and fold your clothes, even pressing them if you need! Don’t forget that dry cleaning services really do wonders for those delicate clothing items that need to be handled carefully.

Wash Sheets with Baking Soda First

Running sheets through the laundry for the first time can be tricky. Many people don’t know that when you buy sheets for the first time from the store or online or wherever you get them, they can come with chemicals infused into the material that helps them stay stiff for retail appeal. Getting these chemicals out can’t be done by just washing with regular detergent.

To get them out, put one cup of baking soda in with the sheets. Run on warm or low, never above that as heat will not be your friend here. Wash one time and then wash another with one cup of vinegar thrown in. Then throw them in the dryer on low to avoid shrinking them. Your sheets will be softer and free of those nasty chemicals for good.

Use Rentals for Your Business

If you run a business but don’t have the time to wash the uniforms and linens that come with your store or business, then you should definitely take advantage of a uniform and linen rentals service. These types of service providers will save you tons of time that you can use to focus on your business. Instead of doing everything yourself, take a break and let uniform and linen rentals take care of it for you.

Whether washing uniforms like coveralls in Prince George or ice cream-stained clothing from your children, doing laundry is productive and a necessity of life. Make it fun by putting on music or calling a service to help you out. Line drying your clothing saves energy and money, so try that out if you have space. Thanks for reading, and happy washing!

Clare Louise

Clare Louise