Install Professionally Designed Covid-19 Signage And Secure Your Premises Effectively 

COVID-19 and pandemic planning: How companies should respond

The covid-19 pandemic has posed a global challenge to everyone. Some businesses are put their services on hold while some are opened and finding it tricky to stay afloat. CDC has put forward safety regulations for businesses to protect employees and customers from the risk of infection.

Businesses that are operating are required to put up covid-19 signage across their premises to remind people to follow safety precautions like social distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers, etc. Since these safety measures are new people tend to forget them while shopping. Retail signage makes sure people maintain safe distances from each other.

Customized covid-19 signage: 

Home-made signage designed on A4 paper looks unprofessional and would go unnoticed thus defeating its primary purpose. Get it done with professional designers to make sure it looks neat and is visible to customers. If you are looking for the best quality, durable, and affordable signage in Australia, check out Platinum Signs.

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Covid-19 signage checklist:

Read below to find out the complete list of signage you require and order all required products in one-go.

Exterior signage:

Safety precautions should begin from right outside the building. Some signs ought to be visible to customers before entering your business premises which includes:

  • ‘Do Not Enter/ Stop’ requesting customers who or whose family members are experiencing covid-19 symptoms to not enter the building
  • Floor graphics marking waiting spots reminding people to wait in queue at safe distance from each other
  • ‘Face coverings required’ urging people to enter only if they have their face masks on
  • ‘Check your temperature’ informing that you are conducting a temperature check on all customers at the entrance

Entrance/ exit: 

To avoid customers who are entering and leaving the premises walking past each other, you can put up wayfinding signs to help people find their way whilst maintaining social distancing. Include floor-graphics for better visibility.

Stairway/ elevator/ escalator: 

These areas are at a high risk of infection transmission because of high traffic. Consider installing one-way signs in stairways to avoid crowds and roller banners urging people to maintain social distance. Include signs in elevator entrances informing that access is limited to only 2 people at a time.


Post signage stating the CDC guidelines on how to properly wash hands. Include the following information in the signage.

  • Wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds
  • Clean and disinfect hands frequently using sanitizer
  • Refrain from touching your face
  • Follow cough etiquette 

Employee checkout:

Cashiers are at a high risk of contracting the infection since they come in contact with several customers every day. Provide extra protection at checkout using acrylic hygiene screens and floor graphic markings.

Use professionally-designed covid-19 signage in your building premises. Provide a safe environment for everyone entering your premises.