Did you know the alcohol industry is expected to grow $64 billion in profits between 2020-2024?

If you have always dreamt about starting your own liquor brand and want a cut of the profits, this is the time to do it. This article will show you the steps to create a liquor business plan and build your brand.

Read on to learn how to start a liquor brand.

What Is Your Product?

If you want to develop your own liquor brand, the first step is to choose your product. Maybe you have already chosen your spirit, or you’re trying to decide between the many different types of alcohol. 

The most common types of alcohol include rum, gin, whiskey, and vodka, although there are other more specialized spirits. 

Remember that you want to choose a product that is high quality and also profitable.

Learn About the Legalities

As with any business you start, you will have to learn about the legalities to avoid violating any local or federal regulations. 

Because you will be producing a controlled substance, you have to ensure you follow the strict rules and laws the government has put in place. 

For starters, on the federal level, you will have to first apply and obtain a permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Then, once you sort everything out on the federal level, you will have to inquire about permits in your particular state. 

You should contact your state’s Alcohol Beverage Division to start the application process.

Select Your Brand’s Name

When it comes to a liquor brand, the name is one of the most important things because it will help your customers identify your brand. When choosing a brand name, you need to think about several factors: simplicity, easy to remember, and how it will look on the logo.

Think about the name of some of your favorite liquor brands and decide what do the names have in common. Once you have a few names narrowed down, you should do performed a search engine search to see what comes up. 

Once you have settled down on a name, it’s recommended that you trademark the name and logo as soon as possible. 

Choose a Production Partner

Once you have sorted out the legalities and brand identity, it’s time you choose a production partner to make your product. You will need a place of production to assist you will the distilling process and bottling, the caps, labels, boxing, and distribution.

While the concept and marketing of the product will be entirely your idea, a production partner will have the necessary equipment to distill your liquor, bottle it, and get it ready to ship to customers.

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Now You Know How to Start a Liquor Brand

Now that you know how to start a liquor brand, you’re ready to make your dreams come true. 

Remember, if you want to start a liquor brand, you should choose your product, learn about the legalities, choose the name, and find a production partner.

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