8 Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Are you wondering whether or not you really need commercial cleaning services at your business? To help you answer this, here are some benefits of hiring commercial cleaners that you should consider.

Your workers will be more productive. They will also have fewer sick days and workers comp claims. And the cleaning work will be done better and more consistently.

Would you say that these benefits are important to your business? Even if they aren’t, we have more where those came from. Read on to learn 8 very good reasons why you should hire commercial cleaners.

1. You Don’t Have to Distract From Important Work

Firstly, without janitorial/sanitization services, you must place these duties upon your other employees. And as long as they’re performing the cleaning duties, it means they’re not performing their regular duties. Thus, cleaning work distracts them from the other important tasks they need to get done.

2. “Switching Gears” Wastes Time

Furthermore, it also wastes a huge amount of time whenever these employees have to “switch gears.” For example, your employees spend most of the day in the mindset of their typical tasks (data processing, receptionist duties, etc.).

But, each time they need to clean the bathroom or do other cleaning tasks, they’ll need a couple of minutes to get out of this mindset. The same is true when, afterward, they return to their normal work.

Interrupting their work momentum in this way is enormously inefficient. It makes much more sense to outsource cleaning responsibilities to a third party. That way, the cleaning gets done and your regular staff has a more productive workday.

3. Fewer Employee Sick Days

Let’s think about why your building needs cleaning in the first place. It’s because hundreds of people per day breathe in/touch every accessible room.

It follows, then, that those who spend a lot of time cleaning these germy areas are more likely to get sick. Unless you outsource to a commercial cleaning company, it’s your employees who you are putting at risk. 

4. The Cleaners Don’t Call in Sick

So, then, what if the outsourced employee who cleans your building gets sick? Simple: the cleaning service simply sends another of their employees over. You’ll never have to worry about interruptions in your cleaning service.

5. Fewer Workplace Accidents

You should also keep in mind that cleaning work involves hazardous chemicals and slippery floors, two of the biggest reasons for workplace injuries. Outsourcing to commercial cleaning services should reduce the likelihood of workers comp claims due to this hazardous work.

6. They Do a Better Job

Additionally, commercial cleaners are cleaning experts. Your employees are, comparably, not. Thus, hiring commercial cleaners will greatly reduce germs in your workplace, which also reduces sick days.

7. You Don’t Have to Spend as Much on Supplies

Third-party cleaners provide their own supplies. If you don’t hire them, you’ll still pay monthly to keep your mop closet stocked with cleaning supplies and up-to-date equipment.

8. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Lastly, having your building cleaned regularly by experts keeps your building in good condition. This, in turn, reduces the need for (and the cost of) other expensive maintenance, like building repairs and pest extermination.

Do You Need Commercial Cleaning Services?

If you haven’t already hired commercial cleaning services, you’re missing out on all these benefits. Don’t miss out anymore. Look into local commercial cleaning services and experience these benefits firsthand.

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Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore