How to Safely Move a Piano?

We can all agree that moving by yourself comes with certain benefits, especially when it comes to expenses you will save. However, if you wish the process to be without hassle and safe for your belongings, it is much better to find professional help.

Generally, moving things like boxes and clothes is not that problematic. Things tend to go south when you need to move bulky furniture and piano. One of the most challenging things to move is the piano, especially since it needs to be in perfect condition when you reach the destination.

Many people think that moving it requires strength, but the protection is everything. Most of us know that regular one comes with 88 keys, but did you know that each one of them comes with more than ten thousand moving parts.

We are talking about massive, delicate, and complicated pieces that need to stay safe throughout the moving so that you can avoid damaging it and causing severe issues. If you think about the safety of your instrument, the best thing that you can do is save for professional movers.

Here, you will learn about piano moving safety tips that will help you throughout the process.

How to Move Piano By Yourself?

If you still wish to avoid professional movers, you need to conduct a thorough preparation beforehand. Besides, you will need the right equipment and make sure that the piano will fit all the way.

After handling the necessary preparation, you will have to protect it by implementing covering as well as additional padding. Also, you should move it carefully by using a skid board or dolly and strap it down for security reasons.

You need to call a few friends or family members to help do it. As soon as you place it in the moving truck, you should add more straps to avoid hurting it during the transport.

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  • Measure The New Area – You need to make sure that the piano will fit the place you wish to go, which is why you need to measure doors, rooms as well as staircases to make sure that you do not have other obstacles to reaching new home.
  • Get The Right Equipment – You will need padding, straps, and dollies, among other things. Keep in mind that everything depends on the type you wish to move. If you own an upright piano, you will need piano dollies. On the other hand, grand ones require specific equipment such as a skid board or just board so that you can move it. At the same time, you will need to get additional padding and strapping based on the size of it you are moving to.
  • Find Right Moving Truck – You should list all stuff that you own, including the significant belongings such as piano and other bulky furniture. That way, you will be able to find the proper-sized truck for moving purposes.
  • Clear The Paths – We recommend you to make sure to clear path so that you can move it without accidental damages and other obstacles that you will have to move while carrying it. Besides, it would help if you were confident that a particular path is the best moving solution for your situation. Keep in mind that you should check out whether you can bear the weight of the instrument while going through stairs.
  • Moving Process – Have in mind that you should conduct a few steps before starting the process, which depends on the type of it that you own. When it comes to an upright, you need to make sure that dollies can handle its weight along the way. On the other hand, the grand one requires removing legs and secures it by using the board as well as screwdriver and straps, among other things.

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  • Secure It Tight While In The Truck – Remember that the first thing you should place inside the moving truck is piano due to its cumbersome nature and ability to damage and cause severe issues to your future pocket expenses. That is the main reason why you should secure it by using ropes and straps, which will prevent further from moving while traveling.
Clare Louise

Clare Louise