How To Pack A Package For Online Sale?

E-commerce is thus one of the best investments for large companies and young entrepreneurs. Find out how to pack your products in the best conditions and tips for choosing the right packaging.

First Step: Choosing The Packaging

After payment of orders in the virtual shopping cart, the buyer awaits delivery. Before entrusting the articles or products to the delivery service, packaging must be carried out. You must therefore plan a specific budget for packaging. Start by finding the cases or boxes for each type of goods, adapted to the packed product volume. List the items on your site and then order the appropriate packaging. Don’t hesitate to set up a team that only takes care of packing to avoid errors. The buyer may require a refund if the item received has defects following handling throughout the journey for delivery.

Standard Size Plastic Packaging

Plastic pouches are easy to access and inexpensive. Order in bulk for huge savings. It should be noted that this type of packaging is only suitable for items that are unbreakable and do not break easily, such as clothing. If you are selling fragile items, it is best to order boxes.

Paper Boxes

The boxes are essential for a good presentation of the articles. Don’t hesitate to use boxes to deliver your products if you’re selling jewelry, shoes, clothing, or decorative items.

The boxes are available in several sizes. It is indeed possible to contact a packaging specialist to obtain tailor-made models. For this option, you can add personalization touches, even the name of the product and your brand’s identity. On the other hand, if you have a wide range of products, standard-size cartons are more suitable.

Original Packaging

If you operate in the distribution of new household appliances, adding additional packaging is a plus if the package is not too large. Most products produced by large companies are already packaged at the factory. Styrofoam and inflatable bags allow the items to be better wedged inside each box. It is advisable to check the box’s contents for large equipment and then close it. For sealed products, you are not allowed to open the box. Specific adhesives are also present to justify the manufacturer’s sealing.


Wooden containers are both environmentally friendly and safe. More resistant than cardboard, pallets are reserved for breakable items. They provide better protection for vases, wine bottles, glasses, or even plates. You will need newspaper or inflatable bags for cushioning. Finally, you have to nail the ends to close the crate.

Packaging For Perishable Products


For food products, the choice of the packaging must comply with storage conditions. You can put them in a box during delivery for biscuits, chocolates, and sweets already wrapped. Plastic packaging would not be a good idea, as the product may degrade more quickly under heat. You must provide boxes with vents for drinks, dairy products, and food to be kept cold. You will deliver these products on board a refrigerated truck.

Second Step: Packing The Product

E-commerce packaging with Brandt Box for example defines your brand. With secure and attractive packaging, buyers will be motivated to make further purchases on your online sales platform, which means every detail counts.

You’ll need a few tools before you start packing, including a pair of scissors and some tape. It is better to put the products in a stable box or shipping Small Boxes. You can then wrap the cardboard with plastic. Integrate custom packaging design into your long-term projects. If you operate in creating jewelry, for example, it is better to have your own jewelry boxes to avoid using small standard boxes that are too impersonal. Contact a company specializing in packaging manufacturing to obtain a tailor-made quote. You should also hire competent professionals to pack your customers’ orders.


Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews