How to Develop an Effective Advertising Campaign

There is a lot of focus on digital marketing strategies as the centerpiece of small business marketing and with good reason. You can run a digital marketing campaign on a modest budget and still generate some solid results. In all of this focus on digital, many small businesses lose sight of how to run an advertising campaign and Targeted TV Advertising manhattan ny.

Advertising still plays a big role in the success of local businesses and local events. If you’re out of practice or just launched your business, where do you begin? Keep reading for our quick guide to developing an effective advertising campaign.

Define Your Audience

Unless you happen to work in the marketing department of a company like Facebook, your business doesn’t serve everyone. You must dig into your customer base and figure out who actually represents your target market. That is your audience for your small business advertising.

Until you know exactly who those customers are, you cannot make an ad that appeals to them and people like them.

Keep It Simple

The most fundamental of all advertising strategies is for you to keep it simple. These are ads, not manifestos. A good ad communicates one idea as well as it can.

That holds true for event advertising, product advertising, and services advertising.

Pick Your Platform

Your target market will help define the right platforms for your ads. Radio reaches people in their late 30s and 40s, likely because those are your main commuters. Video ads offer a lot of versatility because they can go online or on TV.

If you’re trying to attract local residents within a few blocks of your business, human billboards may work best. Again, you must give a lot of consideration to your audience when picking your platforms.

If you want millennial or gen Z attention, you’ll need some of your advertising online. Gen X and Boomers spend time online, but traditional advertising can still reach them fairly easily.

Set Goals

What does success look like? Is it 5000 ad views on YouTube? A 10 percent uptick in foot traffic in your store?

Unless you set goals, success will always remain a nebulous thing that remains forever on the horizon. Just remember that a good goal lends itself to measurement and hews toward the achievable.

A 5 percent increase in year-over-year revenue for that weekend event is measurable and achievable. A 50 percent increase might prove measurable but probably won’t prove achievable.

Building Your Advertising Campaign

When it comes to building an advertising campaign, your audience must always remain first and foremost in your thoughts. That target market will define what kind of advertising content you make and how you frame it.

It will also prove crucial in deciding what platforms you want to use. For an older target market, radio and TV still have traction. For younger markets, you need some online ads.

For your own needs, set goals so you can know if you achieved success.

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Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore