Your business or organization is up and running, and you have a stable foundation and base to run the company off of. In essence, you no longer are a cool idea or a startup but, instead, a sustainable and successful company. First of all, congratulations on doing something that is extremely difficult and painful to do. On the other hand, though, there are still a lot of things you’ll need to do keep an eye on and continuously improve to ensure a long, sustainable, successful future.


One of those branches that you need to consistently stay on top of is your digital brand and digital marketing. Nowadays, every company is essentially a tech company. What that means is that in today’s environment, every brand or business or organization needs to have a website. If your brand doesn’t have a website, social media presence, or both you are somewhat dated. In that sense, in order to have a solid business you should have an equally solid digital presence. One of the most valuable things about having a digital footprint and digital marketing is having a strong, useful social media following. If you have a powerful social media reach, you can tap into it for sales and branding. Having a lot of followers gives you street cred! And street cred can easily turn into sales. Growing this following, and getting a strong set of people to support you through social media, takes time and effort though. One of the best ways to boost your social media reach, historically, is by throwing an engaging and rewarding contest. What you can do is offer a prize or gift to your current followers for sharing, linking, and helping you get new followers. If followers oblige, they are entered in a contest to win some sort of exciting prize. This works because people love free stuff! At the same time, your prize has to be exciting and useful to users. This can get pricey, though, so go look around for deals like these Groupon Coupons for so you can offer a good prize and get people to participate without breaking the bank. It’s a sure way to grow some followers and get some meaningful engagement digitally for your company.