When is High Access Platform Hire Needed?

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When taking on any kind of job that takes you off of the ground level, one of the first things we need is a tool that can elevate us higher up into the sky. It’s for this reason that many people can find it quite hard to decide on wat kind of solution they should use to elevate them off the ground. For example, most will choose to work with a ladder and just elevate themselves as close as they can – perhaps reaching across a little to get the job done.

Obvious health and safety infringements aside, having to go that far to get the job done is a dangerous requirement that you should do everything you can to avoid dealing with. For that reason, you should do everything that you can to change how you work and how you deal with heights and elevated reach surfaces.

To help you do that, one of the most useful tools that you can invest in will come from what is known as a HAP – Higher Access Platform. A HAP is a very useful way to elevate yourself above where you are at the moment and get yourself safer, more secure and more capable of handling large-scale movements like this without issue. When put together properly, a HAP solution can give you the same solidity that you get on the ground floor – elevating you as high as you need.

HAP solutions can take you under 20m into the air, or way past 30m depending on the kind of solution that you need. They are great for keeping you stable and safe when taking on a tough and challenging task, and often make a wonderful choice of solution for a stable and strong platform that keeps you well-balanced and capable of handling a stressful day.

When Do You Need Higher Access Platforms?

  • One of the main reasons you need one is when you have nowhere to put a ladder, or you feel that the ladder or scaffolding solution you have is not going to be good enough to let you work without friction or fear.
  • At the same time, you might need one when working across a large gap – for example, over a waterway. This can help you to get the job done in a stable manner, removing the risk of falling down or risking your life.
  • To reach high-up solutions such as telephone wires and the like. This can be a fine solution to help you reach solutions where you will be working in a confined, cramped space and could use a bit of extra support to help you stay safe when you’re working.
  • A great choice for using a HAP also is when you are working over a large substance; water, for example. This saves you having to risk falling in or putting your safety at risk for any reason.

It’s thanks to this that so many love taking part in using HAP platforms. If you are in need of the added stability and security that one can offer you, then be sure see the higher access platform hire that Higher Access offer.

Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer