Facebook Business Page Tips for Customer Satisfaction

The failure rate for startup businesses is around 90%

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be part of the 10%, every aspect of your business and marketing strategy has to excel. You may have got your website immaculate and your product perfect, but how’s your Facebook page looking? 

If you’re not getting customers through Facebook, you need to read up on some Facebook business page tips to help your company succeed. 

Read on for the all-you-need-to-know guide to running a Facebook business page. 

Provide Useful Information 

You should be able to summarize your entire business on a Facebook page. Make the most of the ‘about,’ ‘services,’ and ‘photo uploads’ sections, but keep it brief. 

If someone wants detailed information, they can go to your website, but your Facebook page should show all the essential information they need to know about your services available. 

Build Your Presence and Brand

Social media is all about adding value to your business. Whereas a website is often more generic, your Facebook page can add some extra personality. Post consistently and keeping your branding similar across your page. 

Reach out to customers on your page and welcome reviews and feedback. People will often navigate to your Facebook page before purchasing your products. 

Run Promotions 

Your business page is a great place to run exclusive promotions that only reach your fans. As someone is scrolling through Facebook, the reward center in their brain is already firing, and if they see a post offering an exclusive 20% off your services, they’re far more likely to take you up on the offer. 

Get a Chatbot 

Before messaging you, the customer will be able to view your average response times. You want this to be as quick as possible, and a chatbot can help with this. 

You can program it to answer any basic questions or send a polite response saying when you’ll be able to get back to them. A chatbot is a great social media marketing strategy for Facebook messenger. There is more information here about Chatbots. 

Have a Strong Call to Action 

Facebook lets you add ‘call to action’ buttons to your page; use them. You can provide business information and then tell the customer exactly what to do next. 

These buttons range from ‘subscribe’ to ‘log in,’ to ‘shop now.’ Use a mixture of different call-to-action buttons for the best engagement on your business page. 

Your job is to make shopping on Facebook an effortless experience for the viewer, and call to action buttons are the easiest way to do so. 

Succeed With These Facebook Business Page Tips 

That’s the crash course to all the best Facebook business page tips. Hopefully, you’re feeling more confident and ready to revamp your Facebook page. Follow these steps, and you’ll notice engagement skyrocket and business soar. 

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Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore