We all have a lot of things, but is your stuff driving you crazy? We all acquire things over the years, and sometimes the gradual build up can amount to an excess of material things. Clutter and having too much stuff can mean that your closets are overflowing and your junk drawer may be so stuffed with papers and random objects that you barely have any space to put new stuff in!

If you’re dealing with the problem of what to do with all of your things, no worries! Although we’re not recommending that you take everything you own and get rid of it – there are surely some items that you would like to hold onto – we’re giving you solid tips on how to tackle the mountains of stuff you may have held onto over the years. From getting real about the situation to mail box rentals in Toronto and the wonder that is public storage, read on to find out more.

What to Do When You Have an Excess of Stuff

Get Real

The first thing that you have to do is get real about your situation. Are you dealing with just a bit of clutter that you could stand to get rid of, or is your home literally overflowing with all the things that you have? It’s time to stop sticking your head in the sand and get realistic about what is going on with your stuff. If you can acknowledge what is happening, you can move on and start doing something about it. Get rid of that clutter!

Sort Through It and Make Piles

The best thing you can do to get through all of your stuff is to get it into one area and start tackling it. Go through your things thoroughly and start dividing them up. You can have piles to donate, to throw away, to give to others, or even to regift! Having a pile of things to put into your home or public storage is also a good idea. If you want to hold onto things but need space in your home or you are moving, just sort through what you have and once you have your piles sorted you can make some final decisions about what you would like to do.

Utilize a Storage Unit

Storage units can be very helpful when trying to sort through all of your stuff. They are available in different sizes and often have climate control, so you can store sensitive materials and not have them go bad. Storage units in Toronto are great for storing things like furniture or art when you need a place to put them, so look into public storage and see what your options are today.

Expand Your Organization Options

Shelves, space savers, closet hangers, vacuum-sealed bags, and large shelves can really help you manage all of your stuff. Even if you have quite a bit, expanding your organization options means you will be able to organize and store more things than ever!

Take Moving Seriously

If you’re moving, you likely have to arrange a ton of things, from storage to mail box rentals in Toronto. Get started early on sorting through all of your stuff so you know what to pack and what to deal with that you don’t really need!