How to Ensure Perfect Event Photography

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Are you looking to plan a corporate or leisure event, but are perhaps concerned about how to ensure perfect event photography?

Maybe you’ve seen those shows on the TV showing some poor soul’s event turning into a nightmare due to a dodgy photographer?

Perhaps you’ve read about some unfortunate person’s dream wedding turning into a nightmare when the photos are delivered?

Well, the good news is… that poor unfortunate soul need not be your good self.

There is one easy , simple way to ensure perfect event photography and we’re about to tell you what that is.


Here are some common reasons why event photography can produce haphazard results :-

  • the client hasn’t explained their requirements and expectations clearly
  • the photographer doesn’t understand what the client needs, or doesn’t do anything about it, and hopes it ‘will be okay on the day’
  • the photographer doesn’t keep the client updated during the event, or is inflexible to ‘real world’ changes such as delays, mishaps or changes of plan
  • the photographer thinks they know better than the client

All of the above stem from the same root cause – a lack of communication between client and photographer before, during, and after the event.

Why communication helps ensure perfect event photography

When you are looking to work with an experienced corporate or private event photography, it’s a given that they will have technical skills, a terrific portfolio and perhaps even an exciting social media feed. However, these things don’t indicate how well they listen, understand, and are receptive to a client’s needs and wishes.

If you look at a company such as The Photo Team, they embrace the pivotal nature of communication by adopting a unique four step process that ensures client satisfaction.


By adopting a single focus on the client, and listening to their needs, a set of requirements is developed for the event.


However, listening is only the first step. Subsequently understanding the requirements is essential. If the client’s needs are not clear, or not understood, the event photographer should further discuss until they are explicit. Jargon should be avoided, and ‘layman’s terms’ are especially favoured.


Customer service dictates that following the requirements being established, the event photographer should take every possible step to ensure the highest levels of customer service and delivery is achieved before, throughout and after the event.


Constant and clear communication at every stage is therefore how to ensure perfect event photography Although each event, or each client, may have different ideas – from the obscure to the wildly unique – it is up to the event photographer and the client to clearly converse throughout the entire process.

Conclusion: to ensure perfect event photography, look for the photographer/s that communicates optimally with you

Of course, there are always other criteria that need to be considered when choosing an event photographer. Availability, cost, value, reputation are only four,  but in our experience, client/photographer communication is the pivotal ‘gamechanger’.

Why not give The Photo Team a call today, and start the conversation?


Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews