A hot melt coating machine is one of the most widely used mechanisms for industrial coating. Here, the coat has to be applied when it is heated up to its melting point and then the substrate will be put into this coating solution in a molten condition, and later it will be left to dry at a uniform rate to form on the substrate a smooth coat.

The following are a few advantages of a hot melt coating machine:

  • Environmentally friendly because of water and solvent-free adhesives
  • Elimination of dryer or low energy requirements
  • Low coating weight needed
  • No thermal stress of the substrate
  • Permanent/non-permanent coating is possible
  • High production speed possible.

Features of a hot melt adhesive:   

The following are the few features of hot melt adhesive

  1. Solid at room temperature, becomes liquid when heated, and solidifies once cooled.  
  2. It has got fast curing, strong adhesion, low pollution, and its adhesive layer is flexible, hard, and tough.   
  3. It turns an adhesive body, and then adheres with a certain amount of re-adhesiveness.  
  4. For application, just heat and melt as required.  
  5. Within a few seconds, bonding can be completed and dry within a few minutes.  
  6. Being a solid product, convenient for packaging, storage, and transportation.  
  7. Pollution-free, solvent-free, and non-toxic type.
  8. The simple production process, high viscosity and strength, high added value, and fast speed.  
  9. Stable performance for hot melt adhesive, high utilization rate, fast production speed with high yield.

Hot melt coating machine from NDC

NDC has successfully developed their machine for hot melt coating of lamination and the machine has successfully exploited by combining different advanced technology obtained from a few occident developed countries having mature experience on various hot melt glue machines.

The hot melt laminating machine of NDC is consisting of a coating machine along with a hot melt glue machine. This machine brings in certain new technology where the melting and coating have been compounded.

They have used 100% solid melting glue that can be melted for coating without using any thinner. Hence, there is no need for drying but only cooling will be enough.

By comparing the glue of hot melt which is a solvent type, it can increase the intension required for tension fracture resistance as well as anti-water for supplying a gap of any ordinary dipping coating, spray coating, and roller coating.

Having the advantage of its high speed, fine effect, and a small area with no pollution, it is as per the requirement of a coating trade and it has a good foreground for applying.

This hot melt coating machine for laminating can satisfy many different materials for hot melt coating e.g. metal foil, non-woven, silicon paper, Kraft paper, carpet, plastic film, and textile.

Now it is used in many ranges of fields, like clothes, packaging, shoes, and medicine and electron industry. NDC adopts optimized design, which fully complies with various customers’ specifications, for maximizing flexibility and practicability and always focuses customers on the quality, technology, appearance, and service.