If you find yourself looking into storing goods for any period of time, you’re probably a bit stressed out! Maybe you’re moving house, renovating your home, or dealing with the death of a loved one. 

Whatever brings you to this place, you’re vulnerable to being sucked in by myths and hearsay about the storage unit industry. But honestly, most of what you’ll hear isn’t true! Read on to see some of the best self storage myths being well and truly debunked! 

My Stuff Won’t Be Safe!

This simply isn’t true. In the vast majority of units, your items will be monitored 24/7 with cameras and you’ll be provided with a secure padlock for your unit. There may well be an alarm system too. A storage unit is probably more secure than most people’s homes! 

You Can Store Anything You Like in a Storage Facility 

Not true either! There are a few things that it’s not safe to store in a storage unit. These include chemicals, flammable gases and liquids, or anything explosive. Most storage facilities do not allow vehicles to be stored on their premises either.

Perishable items can attract rodents and insects so these are not usually permitted. It’s also not allowed to store anything living, including plants, fish or animals. Any of these things could attract bugs or pests or could come to harm from being in a storage unit environment.  

Taking Out a Self Storage Rental Is Expensive 

A lot of people think a storage unit is only viable as a short-term option because it’s so expensive. This is definitely not the case. In many situations, people can actually save money, especially if they’re downsizing their home and reducing their outgoings in rent or mortgage in this way. 

The ideal self storage solution will offer you flexible options to suit your needs, with reliable security services and helpful and accessible staff. Your local storage unit should be able to provide you with a range of quotes. 

Storage Units Are for Hoarders 

You’ve probably seen lots of shows about hoarders on TV. And of course, it’s true that some people with hoarding problems do use storage units as a means of hanging on to excessive amounts of possessions. 

However, using a storage facility can actually help people to manage their possessions and also save money by keeping things safe for re-use. Self-storage can be useful for people in lots of different situations. There shouldn’t be any stigma around its use! 

You Can Live In a Storage Facility 

This one is also not true. Not only is it illegal to try and live in a storage facility, but it’s also a very bad idea which could make you really unwell and endanger your safety. 

No one should be trying to live in a place with limited sunlight and ventilation. Not to mention the lack of access to sanitation facilities. Most storage units will have security services in place to prevent anyone from trying this. 

Best Self Storage Truths!

Now that we’ve debunked the best self storage myths circulating out there, we hope that you’ll have no qualms about using a storage facility when you need to. 

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