Customs Brokerage Agencies in Vancouver 

Whether you run a multinational corporation or are just a one-time shipper with a very extensive supply chain, you will be required to clear with the customs department, a process that is often lengthy, cumbersome and even expensive to undertake. The good news is that there are customs brokerage firms and companies whose main aim is to provide their clients with integrated logistics, customs brokerage and transportation service in a way that is customized and very efficient in meeting specific requirements.

Customs Brokerage Agencies in Vancouver
If you run an import or export business in Vancouver, you will find companies that provide an array of services to help your business thrive. They are known to offer complete solutions for your importing and exporting needs. Furthermore, they always employ some of the latest technologies, which help in ensuring that the process is as seamless as possible. Whether you need help in matters concerning freight forwarding, customs brokerage, logistics or any aspect of global trade in Vancouver, these experts can help. Some of the services and solutions they offer include:

1. Software Solutions
These companies have the capacity to help you in analyzing the specific information that relates to the managing of freight logistics, as well as import and export aspects of your business. They have a full time, in-house software management team that runs their accounting software, as well as the customization of customs brokerage. Furthermore, these companies have employed modern technologies, which enable them to provide their customers with accurate and efficient data services.

  1. Ships’ Agency Services
    These experts understand that you need a reliable ship’s agent who can quickly and efficiently coordinate for a quick turn around when a vessel gets to the Vancouver port. There extensive knowledge puts them in the best position to handle all of the outbound and inbound clearance for all cargo in transit, particularly through a Canadian port. In addition, as your representatives in Vancouver, they can liaise with every relevant regulatory agency and even handle each of your reporting and documentation obligations.

3. USA Export
If you are planning to export from Vancouver to the US, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary information. These agencies can help their customers make the entire export process as hassle-free as possible. Actually, the United States is the largest export market, especially for Canadian businesses, and these agencies have helped many customers through this process.

4. Freight Forwarding Services
The fact is, most goods are brought to you through a long chain of international freight forwarding services. In this era of globalization, professional freight forwarders are known to help different companies ship their goods more efficiently. Furthermore, their services can be customized to suit your needs. You can count on them to successfully deliver all of your products to any destination.

5. Global Trade Logistics
Just in case you manufacture goods overseas and ship them to clients across the globe, there is no doubt you would want them to get to your customers quickly, cost effectively and in good shape. You can rely on these companies when it comes to global trade in Vancouver. They offer integrated logistics solutions where they tie all their services together to provide you with a comprehensive package that is customized to your requirements.

Other services that these agencies offer include importing motor vehicles, trade show services, customs consulting and customs brokerage. Moreover, these experts believe that by providing topnotch services that are accompanied by great customer service, they are able to serve all their customers over a long period of time.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise