Contractor marketing magic: How business fleet graphics and branding can help contractors gain more business

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Effective fleet design and branding matter because they make vehicles highly visible and in the right places, and are crucial for a solid marketing mix – however, they are not always something at the top of the list, causing missed opportunities. However, fleet advertising and branding offer many benefits.

There are no ongoing media costs

There are no ongoing expenses to maintain your market presence when you purchase and install fleet graphics, unlike more traditional outlets such as radio, television, print, or digital ads and billboards that require regular updates and/or renewals. You will be seen out and about regardless of whether you have an ad on your fleet vehicles, so taking advantage of the space already on your fleet vehicles can help promote your company and products.

Leaving a good impression

Your fleet vehicles are frequently spotted on the streets and parked outside of business areas, so both current and potential customers can see them. Fleets generally get good impressions in addition to having a high impression cost.

Nowadays, it’s common for neighborhoods to prohibit businesses and companies from displaying lawn signs, sandwich boards, or other forms of promotional signage on their lawns or property. This will result in your vehicle being an effective way to promote yourself within the community. Effective and efficient business fleet graphics and branding can help you tell your story effectively and efficiently onsite.

Having a professional appearance

How well your brand is represented professionally is another factor to consider. The design, color, and quality of a branded vehicle show that you know the importance of investing in your brand and appearance, which, in turn, shows that you provide the same level of thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and professionalism to your customers as you do to your own business.

But what is the most effective way to advertise fleets and brand them? It’s important for you to determine your creative goals as well as identify any potential constraints your fleet may have.

Creativity limitations

You should first decide what type of graphics will work best for your fleet vehicles. Vehicle decals and partial wraps can be applied to vehicles with their current color, whereas flat-sided inventory can typically have any existing artwork or colors covered by a full wrap or changeable graphics. You can also print gradients, intricate patterns, or special vinyl types, such as carbon fiber or brushed metal, on pressure-sensitive vinyl for a full wrap.

Branding and graphic design options

Depending on your goals, budget, and other considerations, such as those below, you have a variety of materials that can work for your fleet, once you’ve settled on a material type.

Adding paint treatments to vinyl decals and partial vinyl wraps is the most cost-effective option.

Make your brand stand out

Building awareness of your brand requires prominently featuring its name and assets. Adding a distinctive color scheme or iconic element that defines your brand makes you difficult to forget. Often, this is achieved by creating a custom-designed character, animal or icon that is trademarked for your company. You should then heavily incorporate it into all of your advertising messages and visuals. In order to build that value, brand consistency across websites, videos, brochures, apparel, and vehicles is important.



Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews