Best SEO companies list is very easy to compile keeping in mind certain regulations. But first it is important to know what exactly a SEO company is. We need to know what services such companies provide us with. A list of the greatest SEO companies listing can only be made once we compare all the companies and see which ones of them fall in the complete categories fulfilling all the requirements necessary.

SEO is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization henceforth referred to as SEO is basically the practice used by SEO service providers to help increase the web footfall to a particular website. When the number of people visiting that particular website increases that web site then gets placed on a high rank in the SERP (search engine result page).

SEO services enable and increase the accessibility of a particular site on that search engine. By doing so it increases and makes the chances of the site or web page being accessed by many to improve widely.

Top SEO companies directory is based on the ranking given to them by taking into account various data’s which are collected through many different agencies. Different points of the data are kept into consideration that range from the effectiveness of the particular SEO Company’s in house SEO efforts, also the quality of customer service is taken into account. The services rendered are rated, the quality of on page scoring is taken into consideration, and visible scoring of how the keywords are used, how key words are targeted, the client list, bloggers, and other web appearances are taken into consideration in creating this list.

A list of a few companies that were ranked as topmost SEO business list published in Forbes magazine is as follows:

  • Higher Visibility – this company has clients like Warner brothers, PBS, Ebay though being founded very recently in 2007.
  • Distilled – This Company was founded in 2005. It boasts of having high profile clients such as Microsoft, The Telegraph, and Staples.
  • Acronym – With clients like Humana,, Los Angeles Times this company was founded in 2006 and is an awesome SEO company listed down.
  • Icrossing – This Company was founded in the year 1999 and has clients like Coca-Cola, LG Electronics, and Porsche.
  • 360i – This Company founded in 1998 ranks in top 5 of finest SEO companies list. This company has clients like Alamo, Levenger, and Office Depot.
  • Wax Interactive – Founded in 1999, this company has clients like CEC, Brooks Brothers, and Allen Brothers.
  • Razorfish – This company is relatively older compared to the other companies on this list as it was founded in 1997. It boasts of clients like General Electric, Best Buy, Kellog’s.

This is a small list of a few of the companies that that were ranked as the best service engine optimization providers.  


Though this list can be used as a checklist to find a good SEO provider for your particular company, it is wise to get quotes from more than a few companies mentioned on the best SEO companies list to get the best service provider for your business.