Common Misconceptions About LTL Delivery

Choosing the right logistics services for your business is a must. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to cope without help from experienced and skillful carriers. Only large corporations have an opportunity to organize a logistics unit. The greater part of modern companies is rather small. They prefer to deal with shipping firms.

These days there is a wide assortment of available transportation services. It’s possible to transport any type of product (of course, in strict accordance with existing laws) to any corner of the globe. The most popular service is LTL shipment. It can be used when it’s necessary to transport a small cargo. It’s a perfect solution for owners of small online stores, retail businesses, and other entrepreneurs who do not deal with huge amounts of goods and products.

Misconception #1: You save time.
Everyone wants to get his parcels as soon as possible. Logistics companies do everything possible to deliver each parcel in no time. Yet, you should realize that the LTL option takes more time than the FTL one while it’s necessary to make stops in several spots. Thus, LTL delivery is not the best choice for those who are transporting time-sensitive goods and products. Moreover, if you need an extra urgent delivery, you should look for other alternatives. Expedited shipping is a good way out, for instance.

Misconception #2: There is no place for flexibility.
Plans tend to change at the worst possible moment. Business owners are sure they are not able to alter the details of their shipment after it has already started. The truth is you are free to add any changes to the order while less-than-truckload shipping is rather flexible. It provides you with more opportunities to make shipping fast and convenient.

Misconception #3: It’s easy to save money thanks to the discounts.
Many beginners are ready to spend hours trying to find the best discounts on the Net. Yet, when they receive the final bill, they are shocked. The thing is it’s necessary to pay attention to the rates but not to the discounts. Moreover, many logistics firms allow you to calculate the possible costs in advance. For this purpose, you may use a special online calculator on the website of the company you cooperate with.

Misconception #4: Your LTL class is unchangeable.
You may be surprised to get to know that there are at least 18 classes of LTL shipments. Each class is defined based on such peculiarities of cargo as its density, ease of handling, liability, and stowability.

If you cooperate with several logistics brokers, you should keep in mind they have various parameters to define classes of the cargo. It means they can be altered. You should be ready to respond to such a situation. As a rule, you just need to pay more (sometimes less) for freight forwarding.

Misconception #5: It’s difficult to make up a proper schedule.
Proper time management is a must when it comes to the stable functioning of your supply chain. It doesn’t matter whether it comes to small enterprises or huge concerns, it’s necessary to plan everything carefully. Nowadays it’s easy to plan all the stages of the shipping process with the help of innovative technologies.

At the same time, LTL delivery allows you to save money. You do not need to pay money for unused space in the trailer. Moreover, you reduce warehouse costs. You are to count on super maintenance and support from professionals. If you are a person who pays attention to environmental protection issues, you can’t help but appreciate the LTL delivery.

At the same, it should be highlighted that the success of LTL shipment depends on the right choice of a freight forwarder. Before you place an order on the website of the logistics company, you have to conduct thorough research to figure out whether it meets your needs or not. It’s also a good idea to read reviews by regular or former clients of the firm.

To sum it up, it should be noted that the LTL option is rather useful and helpful. It’s able to meet the needs and expectations of a wide range of users. At the same time, if you decide to apply this option in your business, you have to evaluate all pluses and minuses.

Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews