Did you know some of the biggest global brands like Disney and BBC power their websites using WordPress? With huge scope for personalization, this content management system has become the dominant force. But do you know how to build a great site from scratch?

Many of the choices you make can impact the site later down the line. Read on as we discuss our essential WordPress website building tips. 

Select the Right Domain Name

Your domain will fall into one of two categories. Names that are associated with brands are the first. If your company already has a name, and people know what you do, then it makes sense to use that as the domain.

For other people, the domain name can help you get found by search engines more easily. Check a list of keywords related to your niche and come up with possible domains. Check no businesses of the name exist on social media, then register your selected one. 

Get the Right Hosting

Code and files from your website need to be kept on a server, and that is known as your hosting. Getting the right one at the start can solve multiple problems down the line because not all hosting is created equal. 

Hosting falls into three categories: shared, VPS, and managed. Shared hosting is cheaper, but you pool resources with other websites. If they grow, it could impact your performance. 

VPS hosting is similar, but you have more control over the resources. Finally, managed hosting will give you your own individual server. The performance will increase exponentially but it will cost more. 

Choose Plugins Wisely

WordPress’s success as a CMS can be put down to its range of plugins. These small software packages can do everything, from all-in-one SEO plugins to adding maps and signup forms to the site. However, not all are reliable and trustworthy. 

Some have lots of code and are not updated regularly. Select only the essential plugins. Companies such as Red Beard can provide assistance when choosing the best functionality and plugins for your website. 

Get a Premium Theme

Themes are another great advantage of WordPress. They give the front end of your site its look and design. You can find popular themes for everything from blogs to online shops. 

Premium themes are much better than free ones. As they are regularly updated, they have less chance of becoming obsolete. They are also more likely to be responsive to people viewing on mobile devices. 

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is essential to understanding your site and its visitors. You will need to start by signing up with a Google account. After this, a small piece of code or the use of a plugin will sync them. 

Now you should be able to check everything about your visitors. You can see where they came from, how long they stayed, and their actions. Using this data, you can improve the customer experience.

Get Assistance with WordPress Website Building

Even though WordPress website building is easy, in theory, it can be time-consuming and frustrating. You may change one aspect only to find another change as well. Don’t be afraid to get assistance from a web design company on the way.

If you enjoyed this article, we have many more to help. From web design to SEO, we can help your business boom in the digital economy.