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You know the phrase it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. When it comes to the eyes of the law where road accidents are concerned, there is a fine line between the victim and the guilty where the cause is concerned. you need to prove that the accident was not your fault.

Where a commercial vehicle is concerned, a dash cam will show that the fleet management system played a part in the evidence.

There are also other reasons, not just for accident fraud evading. It is amazing what can manifest in your view. Recall the comet over Russia? The motorist filmed it arriving and just as it impacted. Surprising events can just show up at a moment’s notice and you’ll be glad you filmed it.

Let’s look at the top reasons your firm needs a commercial fleet management solution.

  1. Evidence for Accidents
    After an accident, the various drivers involved may recall events differently. It can be difficult for insurance companies to suss out who the culprit is and what really happened. Video evidence can prove who was guilty for the crash and who wasn’t, and that can prevent you from being found at fault and suffering from higher insurance premiums and time in court.

  2. Record Incredible Driving Performance
    Dash cams can provide some amazing footage. Sometimes, people set out to record great driving skills for all to see, while other times it just happens by accident, and the camera can catch your moments of brilliance.

  3. Record a Long Trip
    Some of the best memories begin with trips, and these trips can be just as fun as the destination. You can record that journey for posterity with dash cams in your vehicle. In this digital age, everyone wants to share their experiences with others, and you can do that easily by installing a camera in your vehicle.

  4. Capture Surprising Moments
    You never know what’s going to happen when you get out on the road. You may see something incredible or unbelievable, but no one can dispute what you see when it is recorded on video. Maybe you will sight a tornado or some other weather phenomenon or just see an animal you haven’t often had a chance to witness. These are events you may want recorded to share with your coworkers and friends.

  5. Recording and Reporting Bad Drivers
    You have probably witnessed other drivers on the road being reckless and putting others in danger. Instead of getting mad that there is no justice in the world, you can use the recording of their behaviour to report them to the authorities. That way, you can prevent them from causing more trouble for others.

  6. Aid for Driving Instructors
    If your company is using its drivers to teach other drivers the ropes, then recording their driving sessions can be a great way to teach others how to drive and show them what to do and what not to do. Video recordings make for the best visual aids, and they can also be useful in showing drivers who were recorded where they messed up so that they can improve. You can even ensure that the camera is recording sound so that everyone stays professional during the trip.  

  7. Protect Yourself from Fraud
    You might have heard about the new trend of crash for cash. This means that people will try to get other vehicles into an accident and blame them for the accident to collect on insurance money. This is happening all over the world, and you can prevent others from taking advantage of you and your drivers by installing dash cams in your fleet vehicles.

  8. Keep Tabs on the Driver
    Even if you trust your employees, it’s a good idea to have dash cams installed in all of your business’ vehicles. You can check on their driving and see how they are doing. You also keep them in check and ensure that they don’t deviate from their routes or try something reckless when they are alone.

  9. Lower Insurance Costs
    Many insurance companies are starting to decrease insurance premiums for drivers that have dash cams installed on their vehicles.  The camera shows that the company is serious about protecting their assets and having safe drivers, and the insurance company knows that they can benefit from rewarding that kind of behaviour.

  10. Provide Evidence to Dispute Traffic Offences
    You may be stopped for a traffic violation that you didn’t actually do, and instead of just accepting the fine and paying it, you can dispute it with the evidence provided by the dash cam.

Talk to Virtus Fleet in Watford about how their fleet management systems and dash cams will protect your business from crash fraud.