10 Precautions That Increase Safety When Arriving Home


Coming home after a long day at work is such a relief. You are already getting ready to rest, thinking about dinner, the movie you are going to watch later, and it is in this moment of distraction you may not realize that you are being followed or that there is someone suspicious near the entrance to your house.

To avoid these inconveniences, we have prepared a series of precautions you can take to get home safely.

Before leaving work or your last location, it’s important to let someone at home know that you’re on your way;

On the way back, take alternate routes. Always using the same route can facilitate an approach;

Withdrawing money back home can be dangerous. Avoid going to the cashier 24 hours a day at night and, if necessary, try to do so in busy places such as malls or supermarkets, preferably accompanied;

The outside of your home must always be lit so that suspicious movements or approaches can be seen;

If you notice that there is someone strange outside your house, do not stop in front of the house, call someone in your house and inform them of the suspicious movement and, if applicable, ask the person to contact the police;

Beware of large vehicles such as vans, buses, trucks near your home, or even trees on sidewalks. Someone can hide and wait to approach. If necessary, take a walk around the block before stopping in front of your garage. If there is a suspicious person nearby, call the police;

Street lighting helps you to approach safely, so if you notice that the light is off, ask the city hall to restore it as soon as possible;

If you notice the gate ajar or a strange movement in the house, call someone in the house. Never enter the house. If necessary, call the police;

Automatic gates are safer than manual gates, but even so, when we enter the house, the gate is unguarded, so, ideally, there is always someone watching while the car is parked;

The agility when entering the garage is in your favor, so if you need to get out of the car to open the garage door, lock the car, but ideally, someone from the house will open the gate for you;

It is essential to point out that if criminals approach you, never react. Avoid eye contact with the assailant, try to remain calm, keep your hands visible to the assailant, do not make sudden movements, and speak as calmly as possible. After the burglar leaves, contact the police immediately. The best advice is to use security companies like Forbel commercial security systems for example to guide your home.

Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer