Here’s How You Start Beating the Trading Scams

You have had enough of it. You keep hearing about people getting scammed by these online scammers and you nearly fell into the trap of one yourself. You can’t take it anymore and you want to do something about the situation. Perhaps, you want to show these scammers that they are not that good and that there is someone who can give them the run for their money. If you have such ambitions, there is no reason why you should not be following them. 

Start today, and soon you will see yourself at a point that you have only imagined. You can make the difference that you are trying to make if you only know where to start and then stay consistent with your strategy. Let’s take a look at how you can start beating the fraudsters. 

Create a List of All the Scammers

The first thing you want to do is to make a list of all the scammers out there. It’s true that you can’t write the names of all of them, but try to get to know as many as you can. If you find this task to be too lengthy and difficult, it’s best that you look into the forex broker blacklist. This list will provide you with most of the names that you are looking for. Now, what’s the purpose of collecting these names and creating a list? Well, what you want to do is to go on each scammer’s website and look for the common things they all do to scam people. 

This will help you know their standard operating procedure. If you want to create a guide for people to stay away from scammers, the information you collect from these websites will help you a great deal. Try to know what their websites look like, what promises they usually make, and what their fake sales pitch is. 

Differentiate between Different Scammers

Once you have the names of these companies, you will finally realize that they are different from each other. If you thought they all have the same method of fooling people then you are wrong. They have different methods to get people’s attention and make them fall into their traps. For example, you have the forex broker scams who tell you that you can sign up with them to trade. It’s only after depositing funds you realize that they are not providing you with any type of trading services. On the other hand, when it comes to Bitcoin trading robot scams, you are usually promised some really big things. 

They tell you that they have created a software tool that can predict the prices of the assets nearly 100% correctly. You can already tell why that’s a big lie. They then use other methods to convince you into believing that their software really is different and can make predictions that no other software has ever made in the past. 

Starting Reporting Them

You might think that you can take care of them with some threatening and back and forth arguments, but that’s not true at all. If you really want to make a big difference, you have to go on the right path of reporting these companies to the regulatory authorities. You can find out about all the regulatory authorities on the internet. You can either contact them through phone or send them an email of your list and tell them why these companies are scams. As soon as they receive this information from you, they will be alert and they will start taking action against such companies. 

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with your ambition to beat these scammers. However, you won’t like it when nothing happens despite all your efforts. To make sure you don’t end up in that situation, you have to learn where to start. Make sure you know about scammers more than a layperson and that you report them to the regulatory bodies for proper action to be taken. 

Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen