Why Swinging Doors Are Better Than Sliding Doors

Are you wondering what types of doors you should install in your home or business?

When it comes to designing your dream space, choosing your doors is an essential element. The right door suits both your personal style and adds functionality to your home or office

Yet, many people want doors that may not ultimately be best for them. Often, people opt for sliding doors without ever considering whether they’re better than swinging doors. Still, swinging doors are almost always the better option.

Why? We’ll go into our top reasons below. Keep reading so you can make an informed decision!

Swinging Doors Offer More Privacy

Often, people who opt for sliding doors get ones made of glass. This can look pleasing, but it doesn’t offer great privacy.

The transparency of these doors allows passersby to look into your building or home. Swinging doors, on the other hand, come in a greater variety of solid materials. This makes your personal spaces feel more private.

Better Security

Have you thought about the security of your space when selecting a door?

If not, you should. Because most swinging doors are made of firmer material, they pose a greater challenge to anyone trying to break in. Sliding doors, though, might not give you as much protection. Often, people can smash through sliding doors, leaving your space vulnerable. 

People who invest in sliding doors should also purchase a robust alarm system. Particularly, they need to look for one that alerts them when glass is broken. This is an extra cost that you could avoid by buying a swinging door instead.

Swinging Doors Save You Money

Do you want to get your doors for the least amount of money? 

Sliding doors can get significantly more expensive than swinging doors. On average, new sliding glass doors cost $1,074-$3,211. Prices vary based on the materials used.

Swinging doors, though, can cost as little as $178 per door. So, if you want to save money, install swinging doors. 

Swinging Doors Are Harder to Break

When you have sliding doors, you might have to repair them over time. Since most of the doors are made of glass, they are prone to shattering. 

Swinging doors won’t break as easily. In fact, if you have children or animals, these doors can be safer because they don’t have glass. 

Swinging Doors Come in a Wider Variety of Styles

Do you have a specific vision for your doors?

If so, swinging doors can probably fulfill it! Sliding doors only come in a limited number of materials and designs. Swinging doors have a much wider range, giving you the ability to get whatever style you want.

In fact, if you want to add a bit of character to your home or business, you can even get swinging cafe doors! If you want these kinds of doors, check out this collection.

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So, now that you know the advantages of swinging doors, you are ready to start choosing a door!

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Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams