Why choose Glass Office Partitions for your business?

Are you contemplating re-designing and refurbishing your office space? Are you looking to expand your current operation, or considering relocating to another area? Then you’re in the ideal position to take a longer look at the benefits of choosing glass office partitioning over solid partitioning when designing your new workspace.

Natural Light Pays dividends:

Although arguments continue regarding the benefits or otherwise of open plan offices, the consensus of opinion is good office design incorporates a little of both, open plan and partitioned cubicles. Combining your open office floor plan with glass partitions provides the best of both worlds – and here’s how.

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High level research over the years has established that natural light plays a large part in the overall feel-good factor of people in general. Whether a factory floor, or large office complex, a light airy workplace increases the well-being of staff and employees, which reflects in increased productivity and greater creativity. Using glass partitioning when adding those much needed private office areas maintains the illusion of openness, while allowing a large volume of workplace natural light to enter the partitioned offices.

High Levels of Privacy:

The use of floor to ceiling double-glazed glass partitioning provides a high level of sound insulation within each partitioned office. For those who need to work in quiet areas, the constant background hum of those in the main area, the clicking of keyboards and whirring of printers is eliminated. 

If the partitioned area is to be used for call-centre purposes, staff in the open area don’t get sidetracked by the constant ringing of phones, sales-pitching, or customer service conversations. All the while that much appreciated natural light keeps employees on both sides of the glass happier.

Natural Light Reduces Energy Bills:

If your needs are just one particular partitioned area, office, laboratory, or board room, then natural light won’t make a large difference to energy costs. However, if your plans include a number of partitioned areas, the reduced need for artificial lighting, along with increased productivity, should begin to help recoup some of that original outlay. 

Glass Provides a Modern, Professional Look:

One can’t help but be impressed when entering an area that includes glass frontages, reception area, and glass office partitioning.

With the technological advance made in glass production, with its many styles and shades, glass partitioning is a modern, clean system which blends effortlessly with any type of corporate imaging. Easy to erect, and easy to relocate, glass partitions are available in single, double or triple glazed panels. They come in floor to ceiling, or half or three-quarter panels. Partitioning panels can be frameless, or in a steel frame, and panels are available in a large variety of tints. 

Glass partitions also provide a great way of promoting your company brand or advertising new products and services. For that additional privacy of board or other meetings, manual or electrically operated blinds of all types are available.

If your aim is reduced absenteeism and lower staff turnover, combined with a happier workforce and higher levels of productivity, then the use of glass partitioning ticks all the boxes.

Glass Interiors is proud to be able to offer a wide variety of options for those who are looking for glass doors, partitions, balustrades or screens. To learn more or if you have specific questions, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience.


Marion Perdomo

Marion Perdomo