What’s on the Roll with Crimping Tools? Check out!

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The art of crimping a connector to the right cable needs a good amount of skill, patience and the right tool, of course. An electrical crimper is basically a kind of electrical connection without solder. These well-engineered crimping tools are in vogue to make cold weld joints between a wire and a connector.

No wonder, assembling and connecting is a cumbersome process, and a crimping tool makes it way easier for the user. Time to have a quick glance at its benefits for one and all!


  • Perfect for ring terminals


Crimp tools are undoubtedly ruling the cable industry as these are perfect for ring terminals. People more than not often, find it difficult for crimping the ring terminals. These tools assure perfect crimp every time with maximum precision for delivering insulated & weather-proof terminals.


  • Regulate clamping force


Another benefit of this tool is that it monitors the clamping force par excellence. Clamping force typically refers to the force applied to a mould by a clamping unit. Measurement of clamping and even cutting forces is extremely crucial to control the aspects of machinery operations.

No wonder, crimping, though looks small, is a big part of the manufacturing system. Hence, crimping tools are imperative to perform an effective inspection throughout the process.


  • Ergonomic design prevents muscle strain


These tools have become more of a necessity than of a trend because of their well-engineered ergonomic designs. Ergonomically crafted handles greatly prevent muscle strain to a large extent. With a good grip and improved texture, users experience a reduced effort for using the tool.

Research says that these highly polished handles also deter slipping of tools out of hand. This quintessential feature is a real advantage for both professionals and unprofessional.


  • Provides longevity to crimp


Apart from quality, longevity is what matters next, especially when it comes to crimps. And, to make these crimps last long for a good number years, tools play the tactic. The compact design provides an all new level of durability. The heat-treated steel ensures reliability, longevity and accuracy par excellence.

Heavy-duty crimping tools can aptly cut through, or even strip stranded/solid wires depending on their types. Some of the major types are cited below:


  • Compression crimp tool


Compression crimp is one of the most common variants of such tools. It is mainly in vogue for terminating twisted modular plug pairs alongside coaxial compression connectors. The tool typically features a universal plunger that assures accurate crimps.

Here’s not the end.

It ensures exact accuracy on multitude layers of connectors including integrated handle lock for comfortable storage.


  • Cable tie tool


This is a tensioning crimp tool that adjusts the existing tensioning force exerted on cable ties. It tightens the ties accurately around the bundles of cables or even wires.

It is always advisable to buy these crimp tools from reputable manufacturers to get the highest quality materials and components. A little research can definitely roll in the best tools at the best price.


Kelle Maurer

Kelle Maurer