What Are the Main Causes of Accidents in Construction?

When working in construction, you must be aware of the most common risks and the main causes of accidents. These accidents include falls, electrocutions, and being caught between objects. These risks can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. To avoid these risks, you must follow the safety measures that are in place and wear the right PPE.


Construction workers are at risk of electrocutions if they are working too close to an overhead power line. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that power lines are de-energized before construction crews come too close to them. Electrocutions can also result from working near electrical appliances, lighting, and machinery.

Although construction workers are unable to prevent accidents caused by negligence, they can minimize their risk of being electrocuted by slowing down and focusing on safety. They should also avoid prioritizing efficiency over safety. In addition, construction workers should avoid using tools that can damage electrical equipment.

Electrocutions are one of the leading causes of fatalities in construction. In 2012, 78 construction workers were killed after being struck by an object. Many of these fatalities could have been prevented if workers had been properly trained and used protective equipment. Employees should also be reminded to use parking brakes on vehicles that are not moving. They should also use tool guards and personal protection equipment. Additionally, they should utilize catch platforms and debris nets.

Being Struck By Objects

Accidents on construction sites can be very dangerous, and one of the most common causes is being struck by an object. Workers are at risk of being struck by moving machinery or masonry walls. These accidents can cause serious injury or death. A strike-by accident can occur for a number of different reasons. Some of these factors are negligence or unsafe work conditions, while others are due to a lack of protective gear.

Another common cause of accidents in construction is falling. This happens when tools or materials are left unattended. Whether it is a broken or loose object on the floor, it can fall on a worker, causing injuries. Many of these accidents can be prevented by wearing protective equipment (PPE) and following proper safety procedures.

These injuries can happen to workers in many different industries. According to the National Safety Council, falling objects and being hit by objects are the leading causes of emergency room visits for construction workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that “struck by object” injuries account for over 50% of construction workers’ fatalities. Workers may also be struck by vehicles or heavy equipment that aren’t properly maintained or are overloaded.

Being Caught Between Objects

Being caught between objects is one of the most common construction accident causes. It can result in severe injuries. For example, workers can get pinned between two moving or immobile objects, such as a crane or a large machine. These types of injuries are preventable, though, with proper awareness, discipline, and tools. Educating employees about the dangers of being caught between objects is the first step to a safer workplace. Then, they must apply their knowledge in practice.

A fall or being struck by a moving object is another common construction accident. This type of accident usually involves forcible contact with an object, such as a falling hammer, particles from a grinder or sand-blasting machine, or a moving pipe. As one of the leading causes of fatalities and catastrophic injuries in construction work, being struck by an object is especially dangerous.

While the majority of construction accidents are preventable, employers can do more to reduce the risk of caught-in-between accidents. They can post warning signs in high-risk areas, perform regular safety inspections, and provide proper training for their employees. However, negligence on the part of construction site owners or contractors can increase the number of accidents.

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Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews