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There is no denying that when making a considered purchase, especially when it comes to home improvements or industrial elements for business and properties, people want to invest in people. This is when Carter Fabrications, a local family run steel and metal fabrication business based in the heart of Lancashire, could be the right choice for you to make.

Here at Carter Fabrications, we have been dealing in the many aspects of home improvement in the modern elements and structural steel properties for nearly half a century. Whether it is the addition of a balcony to your home, ornate balustrades to transform staircases, gates, and fencing to give your home a modern edge while improving security, Carter fabrications can be the one-stop shop to fulfil the industrial needs you want to add to your modern home.

In addition to adding steel fabrications and metal features to your home, we can also specialise in creating things such as fire escapes, fences, and structural steel elements to projects and properties in all shapes and sizes. Please take a look at our gallery for some inspiration.

Why choose Carter Fabrications?

You may be wondering why choose Carter Fabrications over other businesses out there, but we feel that we have a distinctive edge to our competitors. Our highly skilled team has talents in crafting stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium to create top quality results to the highest of standards. They can also incorporate other materials and elements into their finished articles, such as wood and glass, to complete the project that you envisioned.

All of our work at Carter Fabrications is created in our own workshop with full ISO accreditation. This gives you, our customers, the peace of mind you want and the assurance that you have experienced metal fabricators building and working on the project you have commissioned us to complete. After all, elements of your home and property, such as staircases and fencing, for example, require you to have confidence in the ability of the fabricator to create them.

What can Carter fabrications do for you?

We can specialise in a whole host of metal fabrication options for your home and industrial project. These can include things such as additional balconies to your home, ornate staircases and balustrades, gates, and fencing to give your home the modern edge. Industrial projects and for businesses may need the addition of fire escapes, exterior staircases for access or escape, and even things like structural steel fabrications.

We can also ensure that you are given peace of mind by offering you a free quote for the project that you want completed with a free site survey to ensure that what you are planning can become a reality. On top of that, our fabricators are ISO accredited, giving you the peace of mind you need. We cover everything from the design elements to the manufacturing side of things, and then finally installing the finished project. We provide high-quality products to meet the requirements of our customers.

No project is too big or too small

We specialise in a whole host of options that could suit your needs and desires for your modern home improvements or industrial projects that you have. Whether you require a bespoke architectural advancement when it comes to staircases or balconies or a more practical approach when it comes to health and safety aspects in your business, such as fire escapes and security measures, our expert team has you covered.

The projects can range from being elaborate pieces of architectural art to practical elements that will enhance your business or property. All you need to do is get in touch with our expert team and discuss your requirements with us.

How can you get more information?

If you are interested in discussing a project, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or email. We are locally based in Burnley, so we can easily arrange free quotations and site visits within the local vicinity and beyond. No matter the size of the project, the scale, or indeed the idea or vision, our expert team will be able to guide you in the process.

From design and manufacture to installing the finished design, we can handle all the necessary outputs and needs to bring the vision that you have for your home improvement or industrial project to life.

Carter fabrications have you covered when it comes to bespoke and unique metal projects and steel fabrications for your home or industrial needs for your property.


Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews