Wakefield And Associates: Get Rid Of Ceaseless Credit Calls

There is no shortage of high-quality services in today’s day and age. With proper outlets available, procedures have become pleasingly convenient. However, certain situations might be hard to get your head out of. One such situation is being put a CBE debt collection on your credit. This directly impacts your credit reports, which could be harmful in the long run. Commonly, it is the Wakefield and associates that incorporate certain phone calls, which most people tend to ignore. However, it is important to inquire if you have any form of debt in real or have fallen into the trap of invalid debt. This can only be found out via following certain approaches. Plus, make sure to pick up the call and inquire thoroughly about how and why are you being imposed with a debt collection. 

It’s critical to keep a close eye on your credit report

Since the day you have had a phone call from the CBE, you have exactly 30 days in hand to configure the issues. One of the most convenient approaches, certainly, is to send out a letter to CBE itself, asking for the account information that you have been linked with. Most of the time, the information, account number, etc happen to be wrong, which means that the debt is certainly invalid. Oftentimes, the right information is not available with the body, and this bounds them to cancel the debt collection, which might have potentially harmed your credit report. You are free to inquire with any form of questions to figure out if you are the right person to be conferred with the debt. If not, the collection will be rightfully removed, which means less pain down the way. 

Keep track of proper usage of credits and debt collection

Make sure to follow up on the first step within the first 30 days; otherwise, you will miss out on a good chance. At times, you may fail to do so, and under such a circumstance, you are required to send out a letter to the credit bureau. Replacing Wakefield and associates is the main credit bureau that can help you out in this regard. You have to follow the same procedures as mentioned earlier: inquire and mention the name of the CBE collection body that has imposed the debt against you. You are required to clearly state the reason why you have considered disputing the case of debt. Plus, you can inquire whether or not the account information linked with you is the right one in case of debt. If any errors are found within 30 days of writing the letter, the collection will be rightfully removed from your credit report. This helps in a proper investigation, which necessitates thorough undertakings on the information provided. 

If you prefer paying for the debt rather than involving yourself in any form of procedure, you can do so directly. In return, you can rightfully ask for ‘Pay-for-delete,’ which means the credit collection or debt will forever be removed from your credit timeline. There are a handful of approaches you can avail of. It depends on your preferences as to which approach suits your circumstances the best.

Marion Perdomo

Marion Perdomo