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Basic Truck Driver Job Overview

Truck drivers are perceived as the hardworking pillar of the logistics and transport department. As a truck driver working professional, the subject is liable to transport diverse commodities from one destination to another by ensuring an optimal level of security and standard of the product. These drivers are associated chiefly with the manufacturing, retailing, and distribution centers. Besides this, they perform distinct tasks of sales and customer services to meet the agencies’ requirements. Their other duties revolve around fixing mechanical issues to perform responsibilities responsibly.

Truck Driver Role and Responsibilities

  1. Covering long distances to reach and provide manufacturing goods to the customers.
  2. Drive and operate trucks seamlessly without causing any damage to agencies’ trucks and products. 
  3. Loading and unloading of cargo.
  4. Strictly adhering to the guidelines, geographic locations, and road maps to reach destination fast.
  5. Load manufactured goods and essential commodities by load accuracy and delivering ads, and deliver them within the given duration.
  6. Liable for maintaining the vehicle condition by complying with all vital safety practices, processes, rules, and regulations all the time.
  7. Participate actively in paperwork tasks to ensure precision.
  8. Last but not least, enhance your job profile competencies by proactively participating in training and educational offers. In addition, get hands-on expertise in this vocation through a pragmatic or empirical learning approach. Create personalized networks by visiting and attending personalized organizations’ meetings. 
  9. Follow accident procedures and traffic laws. Invigilate record issues and trucks.
  10. Maintain commercial driving license and report mechanical issues to the maintenance department of the firm. 

Profile Requirements

  1. TWIC card and commercial driving license.
  2. An individual must possess a clean driving record accompanied by an authentic medical certificate.
  3. High school diploma as minimum educational qualification and a pass of drug and alcohol assessment. 

Quality Screened Applicants 

The screening stage has been incorporated to assist higher authorities in determining capable, proficient, and experienced truck drivers who can complete tasks excellently by providing proper services to clients.

Here is the vital list of parameters taken into consideration while assessing candidates for the specific job profile.

  1. The truck driver recruitment agency goes about labor hire or truck driver hire and looks for experienced candidates, at least a year or so of work experience. Further, construction work expertise should be exhibited on the candidate’s resume or CV.
  2. After an in-depth analysis of the resume, the shortlisted resumes are moved forward for an interview round conducted by truck driving recruitment agency professionals. The plan behind the interview round conduction is to evaluate crucial hard skills, intrapersonal skills, practical expertise, and knowledge accompanied by the verification of important documents like tickets, licenses, and qualification certificates. 
  3. The application must consist of at least two reference checks to examine the expertise, impeccable knowledge, attributes, and professional work ethics required to meet the agency’s goals.

Suppose the candidate cracks verification and interview round successfully. In that case, those applicants meeting the mission and vision of the firm will be added to the agency’s database and are all set to attain direct placement. 

Carol Gilmore

Carol Gilmore