A commercial Awning is a good thing for a business to have. It has tons of benefits, so it’s no wonder that they are becoming increasingly popular right now. We’ve seen a shift in the times over recent yearswhereaspeople are using outdoor space more so than ever before. Ok, so what’s not to love about the Irish outdoors? Apart from the weather some of the time! Its greenery, fresh air, and ambience are delightful, when the climate is just right, which is why commercial awnings are a great invention! They offer people the enjoyment of outdoor dining and socialising under a protective water-proof canopy, often wind-breaking, too, and many also include heating to enable a comfortable experience for guests. So, no matter the weather a commercial awning makes anything possible!

There are many more beneficial reasons to use commercial awnings too, here’s just a few of them!

More space, more profit!

It makes sense, really, but when the capacity of the venue is increased, it enables room for more customers, and more customers mean more cash for the business. Many customers will be put-off by overcrowded venues, so it’s the ideal way to make more space and allow customers to take fresh air brakes away from the action inside the place.

All year-round weather shield! 

We’ve already touched upon the weather aspect above but having that protective awning available is ideal for customers, especially during those times when the heavens open unexpectedly. Keeping your customers nice and dry may keep them for longer.

Show off your venue!

Commercial awnings are a great way to make your business stand out, especially if you have them designed to suit your style, decor, and with visible logo and branding, it’s more eye-catching to the consumer.

Social aspects!

Seeing a group of customers openly socialising outdoors is attention-grabbing for the passer-by, nobody can really see what’s going on inside unless they actively make an effort to go in, whereas if they see something that looks lively and interesting outside your venue it may be the impulse decision they need to make a pit-stop and join in the action. Look at it as a trade grabbing opportunity in comparison to the local competition.

The new trend!

Unique outdoor socialising, dining, drinking, etc. is considered these days as rather hip and trendy. If we stroll around any city these days, we are braced with commercial awnings making the most of this modern feature. Roof terraces, wine bars, and restaurants are all catering for the nightlife action, and during the days, there are plenty of cafes and coffee shops offering the same experience too.