Top 3 Types of Public Liability Claims in Australia

If you think someone is responsible for your injury, then you’ve got the right to make a public liability claim. If you think something or someone is compromising your safety and security, you’re free to make a public liability claim. In Australia, making public liability claims is fairly common. You can find a number of examples of such cases.

In case you’re wondering what type of situations warrant a person to make a public liability claim, allow us to tell you that you can make a public liability claim to cover injuries that result from various circumstances, including unsafe premises, slips and falls, aviation accidents, dog bites, boating accidents, deficient security at licensed premises, and injuries incurred due to sexual assault or abuse.

In order to make the concept of public liability claims clearer to you, this article highlights the three most common types of public liability claims in Australia. Most public liability claims are made due to the following three situations.

1- A Slipping or Tripping Accident

A person can slip on a wet floor that had no signage that warned the people in the area that the floor is wet. If you ever experience such an incident and you fall and injure yourself, you’re entitled to make a public liability claim against the place where you slipped. It could be a shop, a mall, or any other place. In case you’ve suffered an injury due to a slipping or tripping accident and you think a third party should be held responsible for your injury, then what you need is the assistance of a lawyer who has experience in dealing with such cases. You can reach out to Law Advice public liability lawyers without further delay.

2- Medical Negligence

While the Australian healthcare system maintains high standards, there are times when you might experience some negligence on a hospital or a clinic’s end. Medical malpractices should not be taken lightly because they can have a severe impact on your health and even life. Filing a public liability claim is very necessary if you ever experience such a situation. You can file a public liability claim if you’re diagnosed incorrectly because a misdiagnosis can lead to a mistreatment as well.

3- Unhealthy Food Products

If you consume a food product that didn’t meet the food standard and you had to suffer because of it, you have the right to file a public liability claim against the food company. In fact, most public liability claims are filed against food companies in Australia. If the damage to your health caused by a certain food product is pervasive, your claim can result in stopping the production of that product or permanently banning it. For instance, if you’re allergic to gluten and you end up using a product that claims it is gluten-free when it’s actually not, you have a solid case against that food company.

These three are the most common types of public liability claims made in Australia. In fact, such claims are so frequently filed in the country that you can find countless examples of such cases.

Clarissa Cooke

Clarissa Cooke