Tips for Purchasing Used Jewelry from a Jewelry Store

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Quality jewelry lasts decades and can grow in value making it an excellent used purchase. Plus, what was once old becomes new again as fashion trends cycle. Find that perfect piece with these tips for purchasing used jewelry from a jewelry store.

Research Before You Buy

Before you buy used, research new and old. At a new jewelry store, learn how different weights feel in your hand and see how different clarities and colors of gems look under the magnifying glass called a loupe. Note the prices and then research designers, eras, stamps and trademark styles.

Examine in Store

Once a piece of used jewelry catches your eye, carefully examine it in the jewelry store. Look from front to back, feel the weight and use a loupe to examine all the facets.

If the piece is antique or aged, you should notice signs, especially at areas that wear down with use, such as the prongs and the inside of rings. Make sure the stamp appears as it should.

Consider the Price

Small, used jewelry stores can carry high-quality products at significantly lower prices because of low overhead costs. Keep this in mind when you consider the price. Buying used may save you as much as 50 percent, but it is also important to trust your gut.

Ask about the valuation. A reputable shop will employ a trained expert who grades precious metals and gems on several factors, including carat, cut, clarity, color and designer.

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David Griffin

David Griffin